Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hey Mom,
I am Glad you enjoyed talking on Christmas! I did too! It was a lot of fun! 
That is a bummer that dad got sick!
Elder T and I thought that girl's quote is hilarious! We are gonna try to use it some time this week! 
That is crazy you had such low #s. Ours was pretty low too! We only had like 44. But that was nice because we had to teach the Sunday school lesson! 
Who did Sheila Majors get married to? Is she coming back to church?
The rest of Christmas was ok. I talked to Jeremy for like a minute! He had to get work so that kinda sucked! But atleast i got to talk to him!
Cool story: We are now teaching 2 Guys who have been coming to church for a couple of months and they seem pretty solid! That is about it though! Last week was pretty slow!
Love ya Mom!
Elder Cade 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2 Emails! (Oops! Did I forget to post last week?!)

This week was preety good! And pretty slow all at the same time! We had a good# of great lessons but come about Thursday the whole area shutdown! The Zunis are celebrating something they call Shalako... I will just have to let you look it up, I have some pretty biased feelings against it!  
It looks like yall had a ton of fun on saturday! That is crazy you saw all those people down in SLC! 
That is way cool that you are going to let the younger girls start visiting teaching now! That is really a good Idea!
That is a bummer that grandpas knee isnt doing so good this time around!  I hope that gets better real soon! 
Its crazy riss is already all registered for school! 
That is funny sam has such a huge list! haha! I am trying to think of what to get him! 
Well our investigator who we werwe supposed to baptize this weekend passed his interview on saturday but when we went by his place tofill out the baptismal record we found out that he wasnt legally married so we are gonna try to get that straightened out here soon so he can be baptized! 
Well i am just fresh out of things to say! Sorry it is so short this week! 
Love ya!
Elder Cade

Chatting has been fun!
This week was awesome we broke our record for lessons again! And we are hoping by the end of the transfer to have a 20+ lesson week!
I think the Highlight of the week was the Christmas party last Tuesday I love all the friends I have been able to make on my mission! One elder from the Boise area asked me to come help him rebuild an old charger when I get home haha!
I am glad yall got to see all of your missionaries! Haha!
So that is terrible about Bro Mac and Bro Spaulding! I will be sure to keep them and their families in my prayers!
Wood hauling went well this morning we got 2 loads because we got the 1st one done so fast! The wood stove is so cozy! It is tempting to have one in my home when I get a home that is!
No battle wounds from todays adventures though! The buckskin gloves yall sent with the Tree were super nice! we were working in the snow and those gloves kept me pretty warm!
Well, Sorry this email is so short!
Love ya!
Elder Cade

Thursday, December 4, 2014


   Elder T and I are both staying in Zuni! The only thing that changed in our District is that E. Sobczak is getting another trainee! I get another brother!!! Yay!!
   We already picked up the tree you sent us!. Thank you! 
   Thanksgiving was pretty good. We had 2 dinners, one at 1 and another at 6ish. We had a lot of fun and good talks with the members, though!
   I made some of my mushrooms for Elder T a while ago. They were so good! I forgot why we loved them so much till I reminded myself!
   I emailed both Jaxon and Colton today. I have been terrible at keeping in contact with everyone! 
What was Derek Hope asking about?
   Well, our week was really good. We had a record # of lessons, even with the holidays and running into Gallup twice this week. I was pretty excited! Other than that, a girl gave her farewell talk in church this week. She is leaving the same day as Tyler for the Dallas Texas mission. It was a good Sunday meeting! I was making fun of Elder T. I told him, "Wow! You have been out on your mission for like 5 months now.  Guess what though? Meagan will be home before you! Haha!"  But I think that was pretty much our week in a nutshell. 
   One request. Could you send the Rascal Flatts Christmas Album? Please and Thank You!
Love Ya
Elder Cade

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Happy Anniversary!!
   So as for Thanksgiving, we do have a place to go. As for other meals, we get fed enough! So don't worry about it! Thank you for the money though! As for now, the one Christmas album will be good. I might ask for more later, though. Thank You!!! 
   That is awesome Tyler did so well on his farewell! Haha, I am gonna get Jeremy yet!! 
   Did Grandpa get his other knee done? 
   Why are grandma and grandpa having dinner at the church? 
   Prime rib sounds so good right now! I am pretty sure the last time I had prime rib was a year ago at Thanksgiving with the Balfours! 
   So we had a pretty eventful week. Or the last half of it anyways! 
   I came down with a cold. But I am almost all the way over it now. We were able to teach some awesome people. We are preparing an older man for baptism. He has had a hard life, but he is making a change for the better now. He is in a wheelchair, I imagine because of a stroke, and he is on dialysis 3 times a week! He didnt make it to church this week because of dialysis because of the holiday but he should be able to make it from here on out! 
   Thursday E. Sobczak and I tag teamed District meeting. That was cool! Then I had exchanges with Elder Collins, who was in my MTC district. That was a lot of fun! Friday, we switched back and had lunch in Gallup, and I saw Terry Yazzie from Many Farms. That was super cool! But when we got home, we were doing our weekly planning and our neighbor, Sister Benn came over and asked us if we could run her and her granddaughter to the hospital. I told her we weren't supposed to but, if she couldn't find anyone else, we would. So we went next door and asked 15 min later and they hadn't found anyone yet, so we loaded them up and headed down. Her granddaughter has ovarian cancer and was in a lot of pain, so she took way too many pain pills and was on the verge of overdosing, but we got there in time. When we got back my concience was killing me, so we called Pres. Batt and told him. Saturday we got a new truck, 2015 Nissan Frontier! That night, our branch president called us and told us he called Pres. Batt and that he needed us to come to a funeral type thing at 9:30 pm. so we did, but the body was late getting there so we didn't get home till about 1 am Sunday morning. It was weird! Yesterday we had a branch Thanksgiving Potluck! That was a ton of fun! It was a good week! Hopefully this one is better!
Love yall!
Elder Cade
P.S. for Christmas, If possible a nice pair of Nike BYU sweats would be nice it gets kinda chilly down here!
Elder Van Ry

Elder Geimann

Elder Hirschi

Zuni Valley

Snow Storm

Our new truck

The wood burning stove in our house.

Our house

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Log Wins

Hey Mom!
    Exchanges were good! Ramah is like 20 miles away from Zuni. It was really fun being able to go out with Elder Sobczak again. It was kinda weird but cool! He keeps saying how proud he is that I am his DL, but I think he is just happy he got released. He also makes it sound like he really enjoyed being DL. I thought this time we would be on a more even playing field with like teaching and stuff, but he is still leaps and bounds ahead of me. It is ridiculous! 
   It has been hanging out in the 20s here as well. Yesterday we got our first snow! But I am freezing out here coming from the AZ desert. 
    What did Bishop have to say? 
    That is stupid that they lied to Ryan! 
    That is a real bummer that the sprinklers are freezing up on dad! 
    Tyler seems super excited for his mission! It's good that he is getting ready to go here soon. 
   So for my Christmas list so far I have come up with: Brown dress shoes, A brown belt that I can put a Buckle on, some ties and a couple more long sleeved white shirts. How is that for a list?
Oh, and could you upload some Country Christmas music along with any other kind of Christmas music. We listened to Christmas music all day yesterday just because it snowed haha! Colton would be proud! 
   The box did make it the week before last. Sorry I didnt tell you, I forgot! 
   Our week was pretty good! Interviews were on Wednesday. Thursday was District meeting and exchanges. And Friday I hit 15 months. Saturday hauled wood but the guy's chainsaw didn't work so we did all the chopping with axes. I was pooped! And I got beat up by a couple of the logs! Sunday we visited a lot of people. Yeah that was our week in a nutshell! 
Sorry I didn't bring my camera. I will have to try to print one off and send it in the mail!
Love ya Mom!
Elder Cade

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Finally some communication!

Letter from 11/7/14:
Hey Mom,
  My week was good! The work was kind of slow, but it was good. I am already starting to love Zuni. It is awesome!
  I haven't got my box yet but the Elders in Many Farms forwarded it, but it hasn't quite got here yet. I am really hoping I get it tomorrow (Tuesday).
  Halloween was good. Like no one wanted to see us, but we had a lot of fun at our branch party! We didn't have a district party. One area is 1.5 hours away from us, so we only get together when we have to. And we have to get permission from Pres. Batt now anytime we want to have a district activity.
   All the pictures looked really good! Elder T and I got a kick out of the one where you guys cropped my face on to Chewbacca, haha! Halloween looked like a blast for y'all! I can't believe Averi is old enough to be baptized! That's just crazy!
   That's cool Bro. Oler is coming down. We will have to see what we can work out. Is he planning on seeing Caleb too? Because he is on the complete opposite side of the mission!
  I am going to really have to think about what I want for Christmas. I really don't know. So how are y'all gonna do Christmas now that we all know?
   I am pretty sure we are in the same time zone. And, yeah, we do daylight savings! It stinks because no one wants to see us after dark but it's dark by 6 o'clock! Dumb!
  I will be sure to send some pictures next week!
I love ya!
Elder Cade

Hey Mom!
   Sorry last week I didn't get an email to any of yall! I hope the letters were okay! 
    I do love it here in Zuni! It is a ton different from Round Rock and Cortez. It is super interesting! 
The Baptism interviews went really well! They both passed and got baptized just this last Saturday! It was for another set of missionaries, though. I can't interview people for my own, or there may be some biased opinions, as you might imagine. That is like the best part of being a DL is the baptismal interviews! They are so fun and spiritual. Those were my 4th and 5th interviews. 
    Did I tell you that I got to confirm one of the little girls I interviewed in Many Farms? That was awesome! That family was so prepared! The only thing that held the mom back from being baptized was getting married to a man who was already a member but he didn't want to! Sad deal!
   That is crazy that there have been so many new people move into the ward this last year. Is it even close to the same as when I left?
That is awesome that Brad came HTing! That was super cool that dad was able to relate that parable to him, too! That is a super good one!
I had written down some ideas for Christmas but I left them at the house. I will let you know next week. 
   Well, not too much happened this week! It was good but the work is still a little slow. We are really working on getting that picked up! We had exchanges with the ZLs last Thursday that was good. This week we have exchanges with the Ramah Elders, so I am going to go to Ramah on Thursday with Elder Sobczak.  We will see how that will go! Oh, and we have interviews with President Batt on Wednesday. I am pretty excited for that! 
   Well I hope you have a great week! 
   Thanks for reminding me how little time I have!!!! NOT!!!!
Love Ya!
Elder Cade

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


  That is pretty awesome that Elder Van Ry's Mom said that! It was really fun being able to train him! I hope I get the chance to train someday again, because it is a blast!
  My new comps name is Elder Timoteo. He has been out for 3 months now and he is from Vegas. He has been in Zuni the whole 3 months he has been out. The house is nice. It's actually a house instead of an trailer. We have only fired up the stove a couple times though, it is an adobe house so it is like super insulated. The walls are like 2 feet thick, I swear! We go out with a member to haul our wood. We will probably go out sometime this week to get some wood. 
   The Zuni rez is a lot different. For one, it is like a town instead of everyone being so far spread out! The language is completely different. I am sure there are other things, too, but I have only been here for less than a week.
   What Did Ryan find out with his MRI's and stuff? No one has told me anything!
Elder Sobczak was never a ZL. Elder Kay is the only one of my comps who is a ZL and that just happened last week! E. Sobczak just got released from being a DL. I asked him what the secret was so I could get released, too, but he just told me that he had been a DL for 11 months and I guess that his time was up! When I saw Elder Kay, I commenced making fun of him for being called as a Zl, but he just looked at me and said that I was next, then we could serve together again. That shut me up. I don't want to be a ZL, but it would be cool to serve with Kay again!
   That is awesome the girls' concert was good! Aub's costume is pretty Bomb! What are the other kids dressing up as? 
   I am going to call the Round Rock Elders here in a minute to see what they did with my box.
I don't really have any cool stories yet here. I am sure I will have some soon though! 
Love ya!
Elder Cade
So what I have been up to this week is; on Monday I had to go say goodbye to everyone in Round Rock! Like everyone. I swear I knew like the whole community! It was rough. Then on Tuesday we went into Gallup and did the exchange! It was hard turning the area over but the Elders there will do a great job! Then we came into Zuni. This place is freaking gorgeous! I feel like I am in like Mexico City sometimes. The houses are built like something you would see in the movies in like a South American continent. My new comps name is Elder Timoteo. He is a huge goof ball from Vegas! It has been a blast the whole time I have been here with him! Haha! Then the rest of the week was just a normal missionary week! Thursday was weird having District meeting with my trainer in the district! But so far it has just been a blast out here in Zuni. Supposedly the Zunis are some of the closest people to being Nephites there are! Pretty Cool!
Thanks Aub! Love Ya,
Elder Cade

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


   So crazy story! I got a call from a 208 # on Thursday and I was like what the heck? But there are a couple of senior couples in the stake from Idaho that try to get a hold of us every now and then so I answered... and Tyler was on the other end, that goof! He had saved my # from Mother's Day and called and told me where he was called to! Haha! That goof! But I talked to Jeremy for a second while I was on there then we ended it, haha! 
    That is crazy Lexi got engaged, though! Is that kid a member? 
    I am getting transferred!  I am going to The Zuni Reservation, down towards Gallup, NM! Which is super sick! I will be in the only missionary house in the United States where I will have to burn wood for heat in the winter!! I am super stoked! I will be DL again and I will actually be Elder Sobczak's DL ,which will be super weird!! Good-byes have been hard. I am going to miss a ton of people here! Some people have given me more jewelry. I got a sweet necklace! And a dang cool silver and turquoise key chain dealio! Elder Hirschi is going to Farmington. Then Elder VanRy and Elder Geilmann are staying.
    No word on ward leadership and it is sure hurting us. It seems like the ward is falling apart!
    I will go pick up my box in a few minutes. Thank you foo sending that and for the Lindsey Stirling album.
    That is a real bummer about all your missionaries! What are you gonna do now?!?! Half your kids left you! Was Hancock a ZL in twin? How the heck did all that work? 
   Thanks for rubbing in the TX Roadhouse haha! Elder Hirschi is moving to a place where there is one and I am so jealous! 
   How did my implanted pic fit into family pics this time? That's good they turned out well!
Well I have to go get things all packed up! 
Love Ya!
Elder Cade

Elder Robinson's new address:
Po Box 1086
Zuni NM, 87327

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Goodbye to the Logans

I am glad you liked the pictures on FB! It was rough helping them move! I hope they settle in nicely in Globe! We haven't got any news on ward leadership. Hopefully we find out this week! 

That is sweet McKadee got to go hunting! Its hilarious that she has eyes like Craigy! Did anyone get anything? Who all went?

That stinks that Sis. Bigelow is transferring! Are you just heart-broken that Hancock is leaving though?! Haha! Isn't fleck a ZL? How is he training if he is a ZL?

Thank you for the new Piano Guys album! I am excited to listen to it! 

Our transfers just got set back so that we are back on our regular schedule so that everyone will go home on their assigned day! 

Zone Conference was great! We talked about a ton of great stuff! I really enjoyed Meet the Mormons! Go watch it!!! It is amazing! 

As for iPads you will actually know when I will get it before I do! They will send you an email telling you where to order it and how much it will be and such! 

Have fun in IF for pics! Make sure to stomach some extra Texas Roadhouse for me! Make sure to send me some of the pics!

Tyler is pretty excited to get his call I guess! He is a Goof!

Tell Averi Happy Birthday for me! I got her Baptism invite on Thursday

That will be funny all of you running around on Halloween! 

In that package can you also send me a couple t shirts and my camo fleece jacket, and a small fleece blanket?

Thank you!!!!!!

Love Ya Mommy!!!!

Elder Cade 

So much thanks to the Logans and for always taking care of our missionaries! We wish their family the best in their new endeavor!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hey Mom!
 First thing is first. Sorry I have been a slacker at writing lately. I have been kinda overloaded the last few weeks! Trainer, DL, Bishop moving, try to get an activity in on P-day, then work my butt off the rest of the week!
 Conference was really good! I took a ton of notes! I'm gonna need a new notebook by the time Tuesday is over with! I don't really know what talk was my favorite. Maybe Elder Bednar's at the very end! We just ate a ton for new conference traditions, haha!
 I have been here for a long time, haha! We were talking about that at the Logan's! They didn't realize till like half way through that I was there last time too.
 We don't know who the new Bishop is yet. There hasn't been one called to our knowledge!
 That is nice y'all had the Sisters over for conference!
 Is Dotty always in trouble, haha? How does she get in and out? She doesn't fit through Oreo's door does she?
 I will get those pics! When do you need them by?
 Cinnamon rolls sound amazing, haha! That sounds like an awful good tradition to me!
 I am thinking BYU might be it! I will need you to work on my application for me, please! When you have done all you can on there let me know and I can get President Batt's permission to fill out the rest, and then he will write out my Ecclesiastical leader recommendation for me. Hopefully he can make that look really good! And then I will need dad to really work on my highlight video so I can send that in, too.
 So exciting news as of Tuesday[tomorrow] (zone conference). We will know when we get our i Pads [before end of the year for sure], and we will watch Meet the Mormons. I am pretty dang excited!
 Whats up with either of my sisters not emailing?
 Well, whats new up north?
Love ya Mama!
 Elder Cade Joseph Robinson!
P.s. I am also seriously thinking about extending for 30 days! Just to let you know!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Looking Smart!

So....I get this text of this nerdy boy the other night from Sister Logan. Yes. This is my boy.
I'm thinking he should have left Bishop Logan's glasses in the 90's!! He had to give him a pretty hard time about this one!

Email from Monday:
That is crazy that McKadee is that old already!!! Do you feel stinking old or what!? Haha! 
That is a real bummer that Gma can't go to Conference! But its good that Gpa is still taking them! 
That is fun y'all went to camp Bradley! Oh the memories there! Those pics were real pretty!
That is crazy that just you and the Mix boys were there! Haha! So how was that Clark guy so funny?
Well sorry to cut this short, mom, but we have to head in to Farmington in like 15 minutes. 
Can you tell me what my balance is!? Por Favor?  We will probably grab lunch down there.
I will write you a letter! 
Love ya! 
Elder Cade

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Turquoise and Silver

   This week has been pretty good! It started kinda slow, but we picked it back up! We taught 7 lessons this week, but they were all pretty good! I conducted my first exchange this week. It was pretty fun! Pretty stressful though! That is how the whole district leader thing is, just stressful. It isn't unbearable, but not fun, haha!
   That is funny Sister Bigelow gets a kick out of my emails, haha! She is pretty funny.
   That's good that the Berhisels enjoyed your work! Every time you made our flowers they were like the best at the dance!
   So, I will be able to see all my previous companions again next Tuesday, because we are having a district leader training. Weird how that all worked out!
   That is bittersweet that you are done at the surgery center! So how often are you working at MSTI now?
   What is new and exciting there in Twin?
Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from 9/22/14:
Those are some nice war wounds! Haha! 
That is good y'all had a good time at the reunion!
That is awesome that stake conference was so good for you guys too! Dad didn't sound too happy that he had to say the opening prayer though!  haha!
That is sad that they will be released soon!
The moccasins are so comfy!!!
That is good that Dotty is doing so good! 
That is awesome all that new stuff is coming in to Twin! I am going to get all my money selling plasma when I get home haha! 
This week was really good! I went on exchanges in Lukachukai! And Elder Van Ry did really well taking over the area ! He set us up to pick up 2 new investigators! So we went back yesterday and picked one of them up! It was awesome! I told him that he should be getting ready to take over the area next  transfer! 
The other 2 Elders had a baptism on Saturday! It was good! I interviewed them all and they were all super prepared! Then I was able to confirm one of them on Sunday. That was pretty neat! 
But other than that our week has been pretty good! 
Love ya!
Elder Cade
Name tag holder

Belt buckle

Custom watch

Custom watch

The goods


Nice get up!

Monday, September 15, 2014

13 Month Mark!

I totally didn't realize that yesterday was my 13 month mark until one of the Elders brought it up yesterday! I also just realized that I will hit 14 months while here in Round Rock still! 14.5 months, 2 areas, 4 comps! Whoot whoot! 

I am freaking jealous that y'all are going to Gerties today! You are probably there right now! I could use a good case of the Gerts Squirts right now! Wow! This email has a lot to do with excretement's!

Congratulations on your work eval! That is freaking awesome!! Speaking of careers, I changed what I want to do again! But, USU will still be a great school for engineering! But I probably won't come home early for school. I ate my own words! I was talking to Elder Cook about it one day (thinking I was gonna be able to fly under the radar my whole mission) I said I will go home early for school unless I am in a leadership position. Well, now that I am in that  position I will eat them!

That is sweet y'all are going to phoenix in February! Haha! That is a weird senior trip, but that will be fun for y'all!

That is cool dad is saying the opening prayer in Stake Conference! Haha! 

How is Mike Cutler doing? 

That does suck that we lost to Wood River! They were always like last in regionals!

Enjoy y'alls Gerties! Lucky ducks! 

Love ya! 

Elder Cade

Monday, September 8, 2014

Jeffrey R. Holland

Letter from Tuesday:
Dear Family,
   This past week has been really good. We have had some really awesome lessons! 
   Elder Van Ry is doing pretty good! He is caught in an awkward stage where he wants to teach everyone everything, but he has a hard time teaching some people some things.
   Bobby, our gangster investigator, is doing awesome! He has been doing a really good job at trying to keep the Word of Wisdom. He relapsed this last week, but he saw immediate lack of blessings from it so he will do better this time! He loves church and I love seeing him there! His past life is pretty obvious but it is even more obvious that he is changing. Remind me to tell you what his tattoo says some day!
   We have been walking our buns off lately trying to contact a lot of potential investigators Elder Cook and I found, but never got back around to contacting. It has been pretty successful.
   I love the Navajo People! They are so fun, loving and loveable! I am seriously looking forward to the day that the Lamanites "blossom as a rose!"
  I love y'all!
Elder Cade

Email from today:
This week was pretty sweet! The Fireside was amazing! Elder Holland is freaking amazing we didnt get to meet him personally, but just being in the same room as him was pretty sweet! He spoke mostly about personal conversion! That has been the big push lately! Because it tends to be that you have converted missionaries you tend to convert more people! He is way more animated and less serious than he is in conference! But still extremely intense where you felt like he was screaming right at you! I did see Caleb and at first I couldn't believe who his trainer was! He came walking in with Elder Cook! I was a little disappointed that E. Cook gets to train him but that is freaking awesome! So he is over serving in the Rez half of Page! So that was pretty cool! When he saw me yelled ''Cade!'' then he corrected himself and was like ''I mean  Elder!'' It was hilarious! He did give me a hug! Haha! Then the giant Sasquatch named Elder Kay walked in and plopped down right next to me! That was awesome we have way too much fun together! We were cracking jokes the whole time! Kay is an old man now he is getting ready to hit 18 months here in a few weeks! Its crazy how it flies by! He had to make fun of me for being DL even though he's still one! But now all of may previous companions are currently training and district leading! Haha! 
That is nutso psycho that you did all  the flowers! So are y'all thinking about making that a business? That would be pretty sweet! HAha!
Thanks for the pics they are awesome except the middle one haha!
''Have to give Sister Bigelow a chance''? You didn't think I was or what? Haha! You should tell her I'm a DL now then see what she thinks of me haha!
That is a bummer that gma is not doing as well as gpa! But that is awesome that yall have an Isom Reunion coming up! Tell everyone I say hi!
I am so jealous all the kids get to go to General Conference! I am excited to watch it though! What is the rule for like Colton and I going when I get back? Or would we have to go separate? You should ask for me!
I did get the micro t! Tell him sorry. I thought I told him! 
That is sweet that Ry and Shell are getting a new puppy though! That will be fun for them!
Well, talk to ya next week! 
Love ya!
Elder Cade 

Monday, September 1, 2014

New Calling!

First thing this morning we get this email that leaves us all in suspense until this afternoon!

We are headed to football practice so we won't be able to email until this afternoon sometime. But that gives y'all some time to guess what my transfer news is! It is pretty crazy so think outside the box! I will tell you it this afternoon when we get on, but only if everyone takes a guess what it is! Otherwise I won't tell anyone!!!! Muhaha

So this afternoon, we finally got the news:
I am continuing to train Elder Van Ry in Round Rock along with being called as the district leader! I am poopin my pants! Oh....And we have a fireside with Jeffery R. Holland this Saturday where I will be able to see Caleb and everyone else!

This week has been pretty good and crazy! Well, you already know my news! 
Pretty Nutso-psycho! DL sounds like such a load of new responsibilities! I guess the Lord qualifies who He calls! I will just bank on that and "go and do" Haha!
That is rough that Sis Bigelow isn't doing so good! I hate having to take sick days! They make me feel so worthless!
That is crazy Katy is back already! It seems like she just left like right before all of us did! That's good to hear she is doing good though!
That is also rough that Grandma isn't doing the greatest! But it sounds like everything will work out! I did just email her so she will be getting that hopefully! I am going to write her out a letter too! That is freaking hilarious that grandpa threatens people with you haha!!
That was nice of you to take Hancock out for his B-day! How did they like TF sandwich co? Oh I've got to tell you! Remember how I took all y'all there before I left? Well, right before I left Cortez the Cooks took me out to a place that was so stinking similar it was kinda creepy but really funny! 
That is awesome Bernie is almost there! Good luck with the wedding coming up though haha! Tell them all Congrats from me! 
I will try my darndest to write y'all a letter this week! When I get yours.
Love y'all! 
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
Thanks again to the Logan's for taking pictures and posting them!


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fair Time

It sounds like y'all had a very eventful week and today was probably the same! How was the first day of school? How did Sam do?
Not a whole lot is new down here! We went on a sick hike today to a really cool arch in Lukachukai! It was like straight up a mountain but it was totally worth it! When we got up there the members that took us up said that we had to carve our names into the rock because that is what missionaries have been doing for like 20 years so it was pretty sick! 
That is a real bummer that Kurt can't go on a mission! 
That is sweet the Hopes are having twins though! Tyler told me that a couple of our classmates are prego too! Haha that is crazy to think!!!
That is really sweet that Aub got that whole blood drive together haha! It sounds like that was a pain in the butt for a lot of people!!! 
How was your missionary Bday party?!?! Was it lame or boring haha?
You make it sound like our house is boring though! If i was half the fun you guys are a bunch of dead beats!!!
That is awesome that y'all got sams glasses thing worked out haha! Did he get a new prescription?or is he still equally blind!?
On Saturday we  went to a fair in chinle and some guy wanted to take some pictures of us so we got some pretty good ones haha! I will send them to ya in a minute! There was a Pow Wow going on at the fair though and that was really cool i will have to take yall to one when i get home! We also went to the rodeo!
Well I do plan on getting you a letter written here after I am done emailing! So i will tell you more there!
Thank you and Love ya!
Elder Cade

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

HUMP Day!!!!


Thank you so much for that sweet package!!! That was so awesome I think the pictures were my favorite part! But we did enjoy the goodies too! Elder Manumaleuna hit a year the same day I did so we blew that candle out together and today we are going to burn my shirt. Maunu is cooking. Elder Hirschi is burning slacks and Elder Geilmann is burning his tie, since he never did and we will have a full outfit, haha! Dont worry, I have one of Elder Hirschi's old shirts I am burning!

I am so bummed Tyler didnt get his call!! I was so looking forward to that!!! 

That is so crazy Riss will be a freshman in college this year! Did she really register for that or is that later? Where is she going for that first semester?

That is terrible that that sister got burned! That sounds so bad!!! It hurts like the dickens when you get splashed with hot Frybreads oil but I can't even imagine what is like to get a burn like that!!! 

That is hilarious you are throwing the district a bday party!!

We had interviews with President this week and I asked him straight up if I could train Caleb and he wrote it down so we will see in a couple weeks! This transfer I think we will be on schedule with y'all up there because it is a 5 week transfer to get some things lined out. Are y'alls just 1 week ahead of ours?

Haha, I cant wait to meet Dotty too; she sounds pretty awesome!!

How did Aub do at driving? Is she as terrible as Riss? haha!!
Love ya!
Elder Cade

Random House

Snowflake, AZ Temple Day

Snowflake, AZ Temple Day

Heading to the temple

Beautiful storm clouds

HUMP Day!!
                                                Blowing out the candle!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So Grateful

Letter from 8/4/14

   Thank y'all so much for the sacrifice you go through to let me be out here, especially Riss not going to EFY! I'm sorry I sprang that on y'all so suddenly. Everything fits great!
   Happy late B-Day Sam! You can keep the claw till I get back but it is mine when I do, haha!
   Dad, thanks for the training tips! I find it interesting in several of my companions that they don't think they can have fun, but I have gotten pretty good at showing them there is a happy medium where we can be obedient and have fun all at the same time!
   Today we did a pretty sweet P-day activity. We went and found a bunch of tires and then went to the top of the mesa and rolled them down. It was awesome!
   Again, thank y'all for all that you do for me! The package was pretty beat up, so I tried to tape it back!
I love y'all!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from today (a day late since they went to the temple yesterday)

The temple was so flipping sweet! We went to The Snow Flake temple! It was awesome!!!!\

I think one of the things that I am excited for the most when I get home is being able to go to the temple like a million times more!!

That is crazy about that storm! Is it still raining or has it completely passed! It still rains here on and off!

I think it is hilarious that the kids just hang out with the missionaries up there! Haha!

How do the Missionaries like it?

It is so awesome Aub liked EFY so Much! It was Always so fun!!

I am stoked to hear that Tyler should be getting his call this week!!!

How does Sam like his stuff?

My Comp and I are doing good! I am still bugging Pres about letting me train Caleb though!!

Well! That is about it!

Thanks For all you do!

Love Ya

Elder Cade

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Great Email

Dear Mama,
I got the package! It all fits great I will send you a pic!
The jacket is still kinda big in the belly but it looks good!
Thank You so much for sending me that!!
Those missionary quick notes are awesome but I promise to use them sparingly!
This week has been crazy! 
My Dr. appt. turned out ok!
I am starting to feel alot better!
When E. V and I finally got to get to work this week it was the first of the mont coupled by a weekend so everyone got their checks and headed into town so there was no one in Many Farms. It was a bummer of a first week but this week everyone should be great!
Training is fun but stressful!
E. Kay's new trainee has like turrets or something. A lot of people I knew were training too!
This is the biggest group since I came out and it had 17 Elders mine had 30+ Kinda crazy!
In this mission we call our trainees sons so i got a new son and brother this transfer! 
Pres Batt was having a hay day with me there. He made me stand up and tell about my relationship with Elder Sobczak and how I didnt like him at the time but how I now love him for what he had done for me. Then proceeded to make fun of Elder Kay and I for wrestling and putting that hole in the wall! Haha!
Sam's tomahawk will be done tomorrow! And I will send all my old stuff home too!
Thank you again! 
Love ya a ton!
Elder Cade
Elder Robinson, Elder Van Ry, President and Sister Batt

New Suit!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Companion and Baptisms

Tha baptism was awesome! Kinda stressful but definitely worth it!!
Well Elder Cook and i both goy our transfer news on friday which is a day early from what we usually get it... and we got it from President Batt himself... because we both got new callings! Elder Cook is going to Page Az to be the Dl and I am staying here in Round Rock to train my first son!!!! We are both pretty dang nervous and excited! Dad shoot me some tips on training cuz it sounds like you did it a few times!
The baptism was awesome!
We haven't checked mail yet! But I will let you know when I do!
That is way awesome that grandpa is doing so well! I busted up laughing when I read that he was beating Rhett and Sam with his walker!
I haven't got Sam's present shipped off yet because it isn't done yet. Elder Cook got his dream catcher done though and it is sweet so i assume that the tomahawk is gonna be way cool!!
That is crazy bout Tyson's Homecoming! I can't believe he is home!
That is funny about Elder H! Is he still a ZL? How is he? He did email me back once, But not the second time that poofart!
Sister Bigelow is still writing me haha! All the elders here think it is so funny that you and Riss are trying to set us up!
Bobby is doing good he is sad to see Elder C leave!
Well I will Write yall a letter !
Love Ya
Elder Cade
Baptism Day for the Harveys!

Elder Cook

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New clothes, maybe?

Letter dated 7/14/14:
   This week has been really good!
   That's a real bummer Lexi is getting married, haha!
    I am still stoked to hear about Caleb's call! That is really awesome Devin is going too! That is the mission Ryan McMullin is in. I was about to kill someone when you said the drive-ins were closed, but it is good that one of them will stay open. That pic Riss sent me of Dotty is hilarious/crazy! So I am still praying about school. I will have an answer for you soon, but not quite yet. Another thing is I need my temple clothes soon. We are going August 8th. And no one out here has stuff I can borrow! How are you planning on getting "in state tuition"? Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Someone's house! 
Churchy is doing good.

 A sunset with Roundrock in there.
We had our last district meeting in the mountains in Lukachukai, Arizona. 

 My suit is way too big.

Email from 7/21/14: 
That is so sweet that dad had such a good time at his mission reunion! 

Before i start Into anything else though Can someone send me my priesthood line of authority? 

We had a super awesome week! We finished up giving the Harveys the lessons! We took them to a baptism in a pretty close community on Saturday to see what it was all about! While we were there Iris and Haley got interviewed for baptism and on the way back through Gregory got interviewed for the Priesthood! They all passed with flying colors! So yesterday we sustained Greg for the priesthood in sacrament and come priesthood we realized we forgot to ask him who he wanted to give him the priesthood. So I went up and asked him and he told me that he wanted me to do it! So that was oober cool! Other than blessings that is the first ordinance I was voice for! I felt pretty cool! But we have got everything lined up now for Gregory to baptize Iris And Haley next Saturday at 3 pm! It has been hectic but way worth it! 

So I am going to ask President Batt next time I see him about how he feels about me going to school next fall. I have a pretty good feeling that I probably should but we will see what he says! 

I did get an appointment scheduled to see an ortho but it isn't until the 30th of July.

I have got someone working on Sam's present and i will need $20 for him then whatever it will cost to ship it! 

That is hilarious what you said about Sis. Bigelow's mom! Haha!

Anyways all is well down here! 

I am now down to 260 and my suit just hangs off me haha!

Love yall!

Elder Cade