Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fair Time

It sounds like y'all had a very eventful week and today was probably the same! How was the first day of school? How did Sam do?
Not a whole lot is new down here! We went on a sick hike today to a really cool arch in Lukachukai! It was like straight up a mountain but it was totally worth it! When we got up there the members that took us up said that we had to carve our names into the rock because that is what missionaries have been doing for like 20 years so it was pretty sick! 
That is a real bummer that Kurt can't go on a mission! 
That is sweet the Hopes are having twins though! Tyler told me that a couple of our classmates are prego too! Haha that is crazy to think!!!
That is really sweet that Aub got that whole blood drive together haha! It sounds like that was a pain in the butt for a lot of people!!! 
How was your missionary Bday party?!?! Was it lame or boring haha?
You make it sound like our house is boring though! If i was half the fun you guys are a bunch of dead beats!!!
That is awesome that y'all got sams glasses thing worked out haha! Did he get a new prescription?or is he still equally blind!?
On Saturday we  went to a fair in chinle and some guy wanted to take some pictures of us so we got some pretty good ones haha! I will send them to ya in a minute! There was a Pow Wow going on at the fair though and that was really cool i will have to take yall to one when i get home! We also went to the rodeo!
Well I do plan on getting you a letter written here after I am done emailing! So i will tell you more there!
Thank you and Love ya!
Elder Cade

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

HUMP Day!!!!


Thank you so much for that sweet package!!! That was so awesome I think the pictures were my favorite part! But we did enjoy the goodies too! Elder Manumaleuna hit a year the same day I did so we blew that candle out together and today we are going to burn my shirt. Maunu is cooking. Elder Hirschi is burning slacks and Elder Geilmann is burning his tie, since he never did and we will have a full outfit, haha! Dont worry, I have one of Elder Hirschi's old shirts I am burning!

I am so bummed Tyler didnt get his call!! I was so looking forward to that!!! 

That is so crazy Riss will be a freshman in college this year! Did she really register for that or is that later? Where is she going for that first semester?

That is terrible that that sister got burned! That sounds so bad!!! It hurts like the dickens when you get splashed with hot Frybreads oil but I can't even imagine what is like to get a burn like that!!! 

That is hilarious you are throwing the district a bday party!!

We had interviews with President this week and I asked him straight up if I could train Caleb and he wrote it down so we will see in a couple weeks! This transfer I think we will be on schedule with y'all up there because it is a 5 week transfer to get some things lined out. Are y'alls just 1 week ahead of ours?

Haha, I cant wait to meet Dotty too; she sounds pretty awesome!!

How did Aub do at driving? Is she as terrible as Riss? haha!!
Love ya!
Elder Cade

Random House

Snowflake, AZ Temple Day

Snowflake, AZ Temple Day

Heading to the temple

Beautiful storm clouds

HUMP Day!!
                                                Blowing out the candle!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So Grateful

Letter from 8/4/14

   Thank y'all so much for the sacrifice you go through to let me be out here, especially Riss not going to EFY! I'm sorry I sprang that on y'all so suddenly. Everything fits great!
   Happy late B-Day Sam! You can keep the claw till I get back but it is mine when I do, haha!
   Dad, thanks for the training tips! I find it interesting in several of my companions that they don't think they can have fun, but I have gotten pretty good at showing them there is a happy medium where we can be obedient and have fun all at the same time!
   Today we did a pretty sweet P-day activity. We went and found a bunch of tires and then went to the top of the mesa and rolled them down. It was awesome!
   Again, thank y'all for all that you do for me! The package was pretty beat up, so I tried to tape it back!
I love y'all!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from today (a day late since they went to the temple yesterday)

The temple was so flipping sweet! We went to The Snow Flake temple! It was awesome!!!!\

I think one of the things that I am excited for the most when I get home is being able to go to the temple like a million times more!!

That is crazy about that storm! Is it still raining or has it completely passed! It still rains here on and off!

I think it is hilarious that the kids just hang out with the missionaries up there! Haha!

How do the Missionaries like it?

It is so awesome Aub liked EFY so Much! It was Always so fun!!

I am stoked to hear that Tyler should be getting his call this week!!!

How does Sam like his stuff?

My Comp and I are doing good! I am still bugging Pres about letting me train Caleb though!!

Well! That is about it!

Thanks For all you do!

Love Ya

Elder Cade

Monday, August 4, 2014

A Great Email

Dear Mama,
I got the package! It all fits great I will send you a pic!
The jacket is still kinda big in the belly but it looks good!
Thank You so much for sending me that!!
Those missionary quick notes are awesome but I promise to use them sparingly!
This week has been crazy! 
My Dr. appt. turned out ok!
I am starting to feel alot better!
When E. V and I finally got to get to work this week it was the first of the mont coupled by a weekend so everyone got their checks and headed into town so there was no one in Many Farms. It was a bummer of a first week but this week everyone should be great!
Training is fun but stressful!
E. Kay's new trainee has like turrets or something. A lot of people I knew were training too!
This is the biggest group since I came out and it had 17 Elders mine had 30+ Kinda crazy!
In this mission we call our trainees sons so i got a new son and brother this transfer! 
Pres Batt was having a hay day with me there. He made me stand up and tell about my relationship with Elder Sobczak and how I didnt like him at the time but how I now love him for what he had done for me. Then proceeded to make fun of Elder Kay and I for wrestling and putting that hole in the wall! Haha!
Sam's tomahawk will be done tomorrow! And I will send all my old stuff home too!
Thank you again! 
Love ya a ton!
Elder Cade
Elder Robinson, Elder Van Ry, President and Sister Batt

New Suit!