Monday, February 24, 2014

Colton and Brooklyn's wedding

So no letter this week :( He has been called to repentance and promises to write this week. Our home teacher is going to extra mile today. He has meetings in Albuquerque, NM and is headed straight through Cortez! We put together a package and are having fresh baked last night cookies delivered to Elder Robinson today! We are pretty excited!

When we got hold of Sister Cook to set a meeting time up, Elders Robinson and Kay just happened to be sitting at her house and she sent us a picture.
Email from today:
That is so cool I am so excited for them! and Yall! So ihavent been to the temple since september and we only get to go once a year! so it is kinda a bummer! Thank you for the pictures and thank you for sending the pictures in the package! That is sweet with the baptism! haha! But a bummer about the Nuzios! Well i will definately get a letter written today!
We moved this week BTW our old appartment has mold bad so we are in a sweet trailer now! Our new address is:
  612 S. Ash, Cortez, CO 81321
Love ya
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Brother Higley delivered!!!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

It completely hit me about Friday last week that I had forgotten to post Cade's email! I figured I would just wait and post Monday's also, but didn't end up getting an email until yesterday due to the holiday! Oh, well. Here goes:

Letter from 2/3/14
   Thank you all for the birthday presents! It was a fun but weird birthday! Sister Cook is awesome along with the rest of the members in the Cortez 4th Ward. And it will be so sweet to take a vacation down here! The gifts were all awesome!
   That is hilarious that Ris went out to celebrate my birthday by herself!
   I tried to force myself to eat oatmeal for breakfast a couple of days because it was cheap, but I couldn't do it!
   We have been visiting the Mexicans a couple of times a week again to kick them back into activity!
   How was the BYU Ambassador's concert? How was the Super Bowl? And how is gma Darlene?
   How is Sam doing? Has he made it back to school?
   Please deposit the check in here! Thank you and love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from 2/10/14
Well I dont know if it is good or bad news for me but it is definately bad news for Cortez 4th ward. I am staying for at least another 6 weeks! I am staying in cortez for another go round... With Elder Kay!!!!! 71/2 months baby here i come. It sounds like yall enjoyed stake conf. you all remarked on Elder Gadoy's talk. So does this Elder williams have offers for Football or b-ball? Way to rub in the cookies! You guys really got 8.5 inches thats crazy. I dont think we have got that here all winter! That is awesome bout Craigy in both ways! Well I guess i will write you more in a letter tonight. Have a great week!
Love ya
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Letter dated 2/12/14
    First off, Happy Birthday Dad! Second, Happy Valentine's to y'all!
    Well, a little rundown on this week so far: Monday for P-Day we had a pretty good game of B-ball with only one broken nose...but he was transferred. Elder Chavez, who we live with, is now district leader. Monday night we ended up giving 4 blessings. Then we just hung out at the Riffey's house the rest of the night. Yesterday, we had 3 investigator lessons. One of which was at the 1st Counselor's (in the bishopric) and that went super well. Hopefully that works out good in the end. Then we taught Jeremiah who is doing alright. Today we woke up at 6 to run, which we ended up running 2 miles. So we got some craycray goals for the transfer. I am going to try to hit 255! I have a few requests though. Please, please, please send me some more Pickle's seasoning. And all my pictures out of my album please! And if you get the chance, please send a CD of the soundtrack of Sons of Provo. Please and thank you.
Love you all!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from 2/18/14
So yesterday we couldnt email because of Presidents day but we got into mesa verde for free since it was presidents day! I have caught a few glimpses of the olympics and it does seem amazing to me how good they all do! I love the olympics!
 Thanks For the Valentines package! That tie is awesome! I havent burned my tie yet because we were in mesa verde all day!
   Elder Kay and i have been laughing, I got a wedding announcement for colty and so E.K. and i have been saying i bet he is crapping his pants right now! haha! Then elder kay got a wedding announcement the next day for one of his friends haha!
 My one story for the week, the probably coolest thing, was going to Mesa Verde the Lamanite culture is so interesting to me! How they built those cities is a wonder! one other is we went on exchanges with the zone leaders in durango... again. I think one of us is fixing to have a leadership calling because that is the third one and they dont go with any one else in the district except the district leaders!
Anyways have a good week!
Love Ya 
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson  

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Elder Robinson!

Elder Robinson turned 19 last Tuesday! Sister Cook made him a couple of his favorite treats on his birthday and then the Cooks had the Elders over for dinner on Thursday. How lucky we (and he) are to have such a wonderful ward take care of him!

Email from today:
I am both nervous and excited for transfer news! I am so at home in this ward its not even funny! Brother Riffey stood up in priesthood yesterday and gave Elder Kay and i certificates it is awesome i will send it home today in my letter! Almost everyone i wanted to hear bare their testimony did yesterday! it was awesome! The people in this ward are hilarious! And super friendly Sister cooks nephew DJ vreekan reminds me so much of sam it is hilarious! That is a bummer bout the Nuzios the Bridal shower and Craigy! But everything will turn out ok!!  I know this is short but i will write you a letter today! Love ya !
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson