Monday, December 30, 2013

It was a Merry Christmas!

I couldn't post Elder Robinson's email last week as there was a tiny surprise in it for the rest of the family, so it had to wait! Let's start with the letter dated 12/16:

Dear Family,
    Last week was alright. The numbers were about the same as the week before but it felt like a way more progressive week. It sounds like y'all had a fun week! I do love the Christmas Season! Everyone just seems so happy doing it! Speaking of happy, a dog named Happy got a little too happy with me tonight. It made me kinda mad! The rest of that lesson went alright though! I am glad to hear Aub is excited for those presents. I thought they were way cool! Those pictures that you sent of your "Night in Bethlehem" Sam looks huge in those. How big is that little punk? There really isn't a place to get a head dress here. I'm not really sure if Navajo actually wear head dresses. I'm not so sure. I'll let y'all know if/when I serve closer to the Native people.
   How is Grandma Carli doing? She went into a-fib right? That stinks! Didn't Grandma Darlene do the same thing a couple years ago?
   You might want to sanitize your hands after reading this. I have a stinking bad head cold right now. It really sucks!!! I really wish I had some Nyquil last night but I survived!
   Well, it's Tuesday morning now and I have to go get ready for a funeral. One of our investigator's mother-in-law passed away last Tuesday and the funeral is today.
   Love y'all!!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from 12/23:
I am soo excited too but we still need to set up a time with the smiths! We get a 5 minute phone call to set up a time tomorrow but dont tell anyone else! i am going to call sam. It will probably be around 9 tomorrow night. I did get my Christmas package like a month ago. That is crazy all of tyler sam and jeff came home? it seems like they left like a few months before i did! That is also way weird how they flopped Paul and Brian around. Wasnt paul my 11 y/o scout leader? Idk if i will facetime or skype yet but i will let yall know tomorrow! I have a request though Could you check my balance on my card again and let me know how much is on it? I need to go buy some b-ball shoes soon. I keep rolling my ankles. I can pick up a pair for like 80 -90 bucks down here.
anyways all is well down here!
Love y'all
 Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Skyping on Christmas was the best!! Mama cried and we all laughed and joked a lot! Here is a picture of him on Skype:
Mother's Day is coming!

 Email from today:
I am not getting transferred! And i will tell you like i have told everyone else that means i will spend at least 1/4 of my mission in cortez! I couldnt call you because of a new rule change that if a member could call for us thats what we should do. I was really disappointed as well! There was a homecoming in our ward as well he served in cali somewhere spanish. he is way cool though he was a zoneleader on his mission so he is way into it the night he came home he went out with us it was pretty funny. That is awesome that grandpa is flipping cars! i would love to do that! So whats up with garland? How was sister Buckhoff? does she know she is my future wife? What did Prez. Hansen have to say?
Love ya
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

I texted Sister Cook tonight to let her know that Elders Robinson and Kay were staying in Cortez and they just happened to be at her house! Here is the picture she sent tonight:

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cold Weather Tracting

Letter from 12/13
   Did you get my letter from last week? Did it come after the box? Sorry that it was late and sorry it was short! So as for Skyping, I explained this to Ris already that we aren't really supposed to ask. We can if a member offers it to us. You are more than welcome to ask Sister Cook, but I don't know if they will be in town or not. But, no one has signed up for dinner for Christmas or Christmas Eve. That's OK, though. I am excited to talk to you guys!
   It sounds like y'all have been tugging along just great! Which has been a big comfort to me. I don't know if Bishop has told you but right before I left for the second time, I went and met with him and told him I didn't know if I or anyone else was ready for me to leave. So we prayed together and fasted to know. Well, the very next day I had my answer as we can all tell. Sorry for the water stain, I was writing this on the pot and had a little accident. So I am going to put this in the box with Aub's presents so I hope you know to open it. I hope she likes what I got her. I thought they were pretty cool. Who had me for this year? Oh and I was kidding about the water stain by the way!
   The tree is working great! We have a little Christmas corner in our room. It is pretty fun!
   So as for teaching last week, it was about the same as the week before. But, we have decided to find 20 new investigators by the end of the month. That is a pretty big goal, but I am 99.9999999999999999995% sure we can do it, except tracting is starting to suck! We woke up this morning and there is an inch of ice bordering all our windows in the apartment. Yesterday when I was emailing is was 12 degrees outside. That'll chill ya to the bone pretty quick tracting. So we will see what other ways we can use to find people. Well, I'm flat out of things to write about.
Love y'all!!!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Eating Sunday dinner at the Cook's.
Email from 12/16:
Sister cook let us know about the smiths we will try to get ahold of them soon! We had like the exact same ward party on friday down to even the same chicken salad pitas! It was a perty good party! I am excited to get your  letter! I will write back as soon as possible!
I love Ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Letter from 12/2/13:
    I am excited to have that Christmas tree. Elder Kay and I were seriously considering buying one just for kicks and giggles. Today we went to the Canyon of the Ancients. It was pretty cool, but I can't wait to see Mesa Verde! I guess I really don't have too much to write about. While we were hiking today, Elder Kay and I roped the other Elders in our district. They all thought it was pretty funny. Elder Kay is really good at heeling and then I would head them. Anyways I hope y'all had a good Thanksgiving. We did for sure! Keep me up to date on what is going on!
Love y'all
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
P.S. Thank you Sam and Aub for the pictures!
PPS The ring is awesome!! But it is too small! I really think I need a size 14. Sorry! I will try to send it back Tuesday.
Sorry again my letter is so short!

On Friday, we went to Temple Square to see the lights. We thought that it would be fun to swing down Pocatello way to meet Elder Kay's family and take a picture with them to send to the boys. Instead, they happened to be going to Temple Square with their youth on the same day! We met up with them and had a great time! They are wonderful people! If Elder Kay is half as great as they are, Elder Robinson is in good hands!

Email from Monday 12/9/13:
That is way cool that you met Elder Kay's family! It sounds like they are a hoot! Elder Kay and I are still getting along great! And i feel like we are really good at complimenting each other in teaching. this week was another slow one I really wish we could be busier but we are trying pretty dang hard! we have set a goal of trying to get 20 new investigators by the end of the month. It will be a stretch but I know we can make it! I did get to go to City creek twice before i left actually. Once with Tyler and once with Colty. As for Aubs Christmas gift you can either pick something up from there or you could send me a little extra money and i can get her something here.(Blank this part out as Aub reads this too!). Any ways All is good down here!
Love you!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving in Cortez

It sounds like everything there is going well! The same is going on here! Last week has been a little slow but I have High hopes that this week everything is going to pick back up! Thanksgiving was great we went to the Balfours house instead of the Mexicans but it felt just like home except jump forward like 10 years everyone was married and the young kids were all the Balfours great grandchildren! It gets me excited to get to that point because everyone seemed so happy! Other than that nothing too exciting happened this week! Elder kay and I are getting along great! We bought ropes the other day and are going to go roping today! Anyways all is good here I will write letters today!
Love ya
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Thursday, November 28, 2013

New Companion!

Elder Robinson got a new companion last week, Elder Kay, a fellow Idahoan from Swan Lake. We wish Elder Sobczak the best in Farmington!
     First item of business, tell the Craig Larson Family I just did get their letter today. I think it might be because I have been using the wrong zip code. The correct one is 81321. Tell them I am not ignoring them! But, they didn't put a return address so I don't know how to write them back.
    I actually got sick last Tuesday and Wednesday. The lesson at the Vreeken's went really well, but we haven't been able to meet with the guy since. He seemed really interested though! I think I remember Aub talking about that! But if I remember right from your email the lady didn't come? That is a bummer about Calvin. It's also a bummber about the football team. What exactly happened to Joey's leg?
     I am betting since I am staying here through Christmas I will be able to Skype y'all.
     Anyways, I love you!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
Thank heavens for Sister Cook and her pictures that she sends! These are a few shots of Elders Robinson and Kay.

Email from 11/25
Elder Kay is So awesome we get along so great! It was kind of sad to see Elder S. leave but i like change And this change is good! Both of the elders that we live with stayed and i might end up killng one of them he gets on my nerves so much!!! That is so cool about that investigator! We havent had an investigator to church in like a month since Shannon is no longer an investigator. We are actually going over to the Mexican's house for thanksgiving, They were less-active and now he is the ward mission leader and she is a ward missionary. I will write a letter later today to be a little more in depth.
Love Ya!
Happy Anniversary! And Early Thanksgiving!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lots of reading and pondering!

With the mail not running last Monday for the holiday, it ended up that we actually got two letters last week as well as tonights email! Lots of reading!

     I am locked up in the apartment today, again. Elder Sobczak is sick again. So I get to write you! I am watching Joseph Smith, the Prophet of the Restoration. The work here is going great! If Elder S. gets feeling better, we are going to eat at the Vreekan's house then teach one of the non-member friends. Bro. Vreeken is actually Sister Cook's brother. Then after that, we are going to the Pixler's house to start re-teaching Garry with the Cooks.
    The missionary spirit is really starting to pick up here! I really love it! We just recently had one of the less-actives we were teaching become reactivated and called as the assistant to the ward mission leader. He is pretty young (like 21 or 22) and he got married and was baptized about a year ago. Him and his wife are Navajo. They are so nice and fun! Their last name is Mexican, haha! But they come teaching with us about once a week, now. It's pretty cool.
     There ar only like 3 native families in our ward. But they are all pretty cool to be around. I hope to be able to spend some time on the Rez. Is sounds so fun from what I've heard! I hope that Elder S. doesn't get transferred. I know how much the people like him.
     Well, it sounds like everthing back home is going pretty well. Tell Ris to enjoy her dates while she can because as soon as I am back, I may not wear a pink bro-tank anymore, but I am not above cleaning my gun on the dining room table. Tell Aub the same. And tell Sam I will probably just steal his girlfriend from him. No, that doesn't sound right. His girlfriend will leave him because she wants me so bad.
     Well, on that note....
Love y'all. Keep up the good work!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
P.S. Tell Addy thanks for the butterflies!

Dear Family,
     This week was pretty good. We taught 13 lessons over all. Which is pretty decent. I feel like it was a really productive week though! I feel like Elder Sobczak's and my mission here is Cortez 4th ward is to help the members trust missionaries again/more. We have really seen a difference for sure in that area! People are starting to introduce us to their non-member friends more now.
     I just heard something from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland that has really got my mind spinning rounds right now. I probably do it no justice, but in sense he was explaining how during the great apostasy, no one received revelation or inspiration. And I can't quite wrap my mind around a world in such darkness (for lack of a better word). We just got done with a lesson tonight with a less-active who has a very limited knowledge of the gospel and evertime we go over he is amazed at how we show up at at just the right time and how we can teach him exactly what he needs to hear. And I tell him every time that he is entitled to that same inspiration and all other gifts of the spirit according to his obedience to commandments. Tonight, I think we really were able to prick his heart though. He has so much sympathy and curiosity about other's salvation. And tonight, I bore my testimony that he would be such a wonderful Priesthoos holder if he would allow himself to become worthy. Because the Priesthood is the authority to serve others. But first, he had to help us help him. I then told him, he had to start helping himself before he could help others.
     Anyways, I have been thinking all day and I can't think of what I would want or need for Christmas. I will keep thinking and try to get you a list by next Monday.
     Well, it is 10:20 PM. I am going to head to bed.
Love y'all.
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
PS We were called as family history consultants today so we have to do that for 2 hours every Wednesday.

Today's email:
Well I am staying, But Elder S. isnt, He is going to Farmington To be a District Leader, Which is fitting. I am super excited to meet my new comp though His name is Elder Kay, I dont know too much about him other than i know eldr taylor loves him and i love elder taylor so i have some pretty high hopes! Elder Kay is actually from Swan Lake Idaho. I am way nervous to take on this area though, and everyone in the ward was heartbroken to hear that he is leaving. Bro. Riffey (the high priest group leader) was in literal tears yesterday it almost made me cry! Oh well i guess all ican do is my best And the Lord will have to pick up the rest.
Well I will write a letter to you later today. Even though i didnt get one from you! (We really did write one! Hope it got there today!) I did get grandpas and i Sent one back on saturday so you can let him know that is coming.
Love Ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Sam wanted his email posted too, so here it is (he asked Cade lots of questions):

I didnt get Transferred, But my Companion did.
I do drive a truck it is a 2013 Nissan Frontier.
I dont think i need a hair cut, I just got it cut super short 2 weeks ago.
The most amazing thing that happened to me this week is that we got a guy to come to church for the first time in 17 years yesterday and he is getting ready to get the aaronic priesthood.
Love You Sam
Sorry this isnt too long
Elder Bro. Robinson

Monday, November 11, 2013

Vague emails

No letter this week and just a pretty vague email. Yay! ;) Luckily, we got some pretty cute pictures from Sister Cook.

Dear Mom,
So Transfer news comes about 9 pm the saturday before transfers Via phone call from the District Leader so i have at least one more week here. I just got done telling Riss i have no idea what i want for Christmas. I havent even thought it was anywhere remotely close. Your guess is as good as mine as to what i want. I couldnt even tell sister cook what my favorite food was yesterday... I have forgotten EVERYTHING! Oh well. I will think about it and write you a letter later today to send it tomorrow. This week was pretty busy just to let you know. We had quite a few lessons so that is always good! Anyways all is good here!
Love Ya
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Terry, Elder Robinson, Bro Cook, Elder Sobczak

They look so happy!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Baptism!!

Letter dated 10/29/13:
Dear Family,
     Shannon Pixler is on date to be baptized on Saturday. The 2 kids weren't quite ready. But I believe strongly that someday they will be! Shannon's husband Eugene will be baptizing her but I don't know who will be confirming her. Eugene just did receive the Aaronic Priesthood. They both seem so ready to get this done. It is awesome!
    The entire ward is so stoked to have a convert baptism! The last one they had was in March and she's kind of a dud. She is living with her boyfriend with her 4 kids. Oh and she is only 22. The whole time I've been here she has only come to church once. And she is always asking everyone for money. She even called us up for money.
    Speaking of baptisms, who is Calvin? My buddy Calvin got baptized like a week before I left the first time. I am confused as to who this Calvin is.
    Can you believe I have been out for almost 3 months now? It is crazy how fast is has gone already! But looking back the gravity of the whole thing makes me think that I have been out way longer!
    It sounds like Colton is doing pretty good. But I still haven't heard from anyone else! HaHa! How is everybody?! It is kind of weird that neither of us have gotten those letters yet from Jen. It makes me wonder where they are.
    Well, keep in touch! Let me know what is going on there!
Love y'all!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Elder Duck Dynasty!!

                                               Elder Taylor from Missouri

At the Pixler's teaching a lesson and reviewing baptism.
                                                                  Suit arrived today!

The baptism was amazing!! Elder Sobczak Confirmed her yesterday! She said she didnt get why everyone was so happy around her afterwards and that everyone said she had a glow about her. we told her it was true and that that was the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so Awesome!!!! Garry is back on date to be baptized 12/21 so we are pretty excited about that we havent even seen cheyenne in like 2 months. Hopefully the influence the rest of the family has on her will make a difference!
I did get my suit today i am actually wearing it right now!
All is good here!
Love You!!!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

                                   Elder Sobczak, Shannon and Eugene Pixler, Elder Robinson
Sleeping Ute Mountain
Now the best and most hilarious email! Darren wrote Cade telling him of his new church calling as High Councilor and being ordained as a High Priest. This is his response:
That is so cool Dad!!! I read your letter you sent me Right after the baptism on saturday! ( i was actually on the pot) When i Screamed "No way"!!!!! I was then asked if i was a brownie at that point. Which in context means you are a greenie untill you poop your pants once. i said no then explained everyone thought that was so cool! Love you dad, Keep up the good work!!!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Monday, October 28, 2013

One Great Week!

Email from today:
    The baptism is on for the Saturday! We are really trying to keep in contact with her all week! I am again running out of time so I will again write you a letter! Sorry! I am just so dang irresistible that I have to write a million emails every Monday morning!
Keep in touch!
Love Y'all!
 Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

I'm not going to complain much about the short emails, though, since we all got a nice letter this week (including Oreo, the dog!). Here is the letter:

     It sounds like everyone is doing well! And I have already started seeing more people write me HaHa. And sorry I wasn't able to email you! We were told by President Batt to spend some time looking through the Church websites in Zone Conference. Speaking of which it was great. Pres. Batt and Sis Batt are awesome along with the District leaders, Zone leaders and Assistants to the President! I have learned so much so far and I am only a little over 1/12th of the way done! It's crazy to have come this far in this short time. It kind of scares me...What will I be like when I'm done? And what scares me even more is wondering how slacking I was before and how much further I have to go!
     We have seen so many miracles while I have been out here. It has been crazy! I won't even attempt to write them down because it will do none of them any justice! But it is definitely been a testimony builder for sure!
     So I haven't met Jen's nephew yet. That's kind of on the opposite corner of the mission. Maybe I will eventually. And I have not received the letters from her Achievement days yet. But  am looking forward to them!
     So, yep I have dropped some weight. But it is good so far. One of the Elders in my district keeps ragging on me to walk on the BYUs team.  He was a center there and says their team could use me. It sounds pretty enticing, but I'm not quite convinced yet.
     Anyways, all is good here!
Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
P.S. If it is convenient, maybe you could send my gray suit?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good week!

My email yesterday consisted of this: "Mom, I just printed your email, but I ran out of time to write you so I will just write a letter for you later today. Elder Cade Joseph Robinson". Hmmm. Good thing that he had written the family a letter earlier this week!

Sister Cook sent some pictures of when she had the boys over for dinner on Saturday. It was Elder Sobczak's birthday! How fun is she in putting this party together?!

Here is the letter from 10/14:

Dear Fam,
     So you know quite a bit about this past week already because of Sister Cook, I'm assuming. She is so great! Along with so many other people here. I can hardly wait for you to meet some of these people when you come to pick me up. Like Brother Riffey. He is the High Priest Group Leader. He is always looking out for us and takes us out to lunch every Tuesday. And so many others like him. I would love for you to meet the Pixlers as well!
     Well, today seems to be going pretty good. If the rest of the week goes like today, it will be pretty good. How is school going for the kids? How is the football team doing? Anything new at home?
     Like I was saying, in Farmington this week the one kid was the QB for Madison, another was a halfback and was built like no other. So the three of us got along great! I really liked the other guy as well, but he just didn't play football.
     How is the rest of the family doing? I haven't heard from anyone except grandma and grandpa and Rochelle. How are Colton and Brooklyn? Rochelle said they are getting married in January now? Tell that turd to write me! Ask Jim and Jen where their nephew is serving. have Craigy and grandpa gone hunting yet? How are Craigy's ribs?
    Riss, where the crap is my CTR ring? HaHa! I just got back from the trading post here and the Navajo jewelry is beautiful! Their culture is so interesting! The second counselor in our Bishopric is Navajo. His name is Brother Largo. He is way cool! He was a professional team roper before he became active. They made us real Navajo tacos the other day. It was awesome! But with all the great food we get here I'm down to 270 lbs.
    Anyways, write back soon!
Love you guys!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Time in Farmington

On Tuesday last week, Sister Cook texted me to let me know that Elder's Robinson and Sobczak were headed to Farmington to the mission home for a few days. Elder Sobczak was diagnosed with pneumonia and needed some time to recuperate. They did make it Farmington and were back in Cortez by Friday. We wish Elder Sobczak well!

Sister Cook delivered our conference package to Cade and kindly sent us a picture!

First is the letter dated 10/8/13:
Dear Fam,
   So, as you could expect from my previous email, last week royally sucked. I'm hoping this week will be a ton better though, because we have a service project for everyday. Yesterday was pretty nice but only because we spent it with the other Elders throwing tomahawks and knives at a member's house. After throwing we went to dinner which was really good. We then went and loaded, moved, then unloaded 80 bales of hay for a member which was really relaxing in all reality. The member we did it for is so cool. He raises donkeys, mules and horses, and is really into archery so we get along great.
    So as for the Pixlers, they keep getting set back because the dad (who is actually baptizing his wife and son) works in Alaska for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off and because they are hurting for money he put in for a week over and won't be home until the weekend of the 26th.
    Steve moved back home from the nursing home and so we had to turn him over to the Elders in the 1st Ward.
    Other than that we have been working with a ton of less active members. Some seem to be coming
along really well and some are just straight up lazy!
    Anyway, I'll just keep tucking my head down and plowing through. Thanks for the awesome packages and letters! Keep them coming!
     Love you guys !
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
BTW: I have gotten a haircut since that last picture.

Here is the email from Monday:
Did you get my letter from last week? I'll send another one today, so i can be more in depth with you guys. Farmington was pretty fun the Elders there were so awesome! Elder S. says he is feeling better but he isnt acting like it. We are trying to make up for all the work we missed last week and quite frankly I feel like a chicken running around with his head cut off. I am so lost in what we missed aand what we are trying to accomplish. Tell Sam that that is hilarious, and tell Caleb to just have fun with this year. And also tell Caleb to involve the Lord in that decision, it is right for some people to wait and it is also right for some people to go right away. I will go home and write a letter with some more details!

Love You Guys!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Conference Week

We finally got some pictures! It looks as if Cortez is beautiful!

Hey Mom,
 We actually watched all 5 sessions at a church building here in town. The conference Package was great! That's awesome about the moose! this week we have a service project scheduled for every day starting tonight at 6 we are going to help load and unload 80 bales of hay I'm super excited! My comp on the other hand is not, we had a pretty big fight this week and it ended up going nowhere. I was hoping one of us was going to get transferred this week but we aren't but Elder Rich who has helped me out a ton is! it is a bummer but hopefully things get better! Tell Sam congratulations on being a perfect loser and the other thing.
Love Y'all
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Monday, September 30, 2013

Super Happy

We actually have 2 letters to post this week. We got an email today and also a letter today that was wrote last week and just got to us. Enjoy!

The weather has dried up quite a bit this week. We aren't really teaching anyone new, I sent a letter telling you more about our investigators. We did go to the temple this morning. It was awesome! I talked with President and Sister Batt for quite a while, along with Elder Bowman. This past week I went on exchanges with our DL Elder Rich and he is so awesome. Him and I get along way better than Elder Sobczak and I but its ok. I am starting to chisel away at him soon enough we will be having loads of fun!
Love you guys!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Here is the letter that we received today:

Dear Fam,
     Since I was cut short on email time, I thought I would write you.
     It has been really weird down here weather-wise. There is a thunderstorm like once a day. And the rain is awesome! But it could be a completely clear day then about 3 o'clock rolls around and it starts again.
     I don't know if I've told you about the other Elders that we live with. Their names are Elder Rich and Elder Taylor. Elder Rich is really cool. He reminds me a lot of Jaxon. He is from Liberty, UT. he is the district leader and one of a few Spanish speaking Elders in this mission. Elder Taylor is from Missouri, but he has like no accent. he has been out for 8 months and Rich has been out 18.
     Elder Sobchak has been out 8 months. I am his 4th companion and his 2nd trainee. He has served here for 2 months and the rest of his time he has served in Blanding, UT. He speaks highly of Blanding and hopes I will serve there some time as well.
     As far as investigators go, you know quite a bit about the Pixlers. They are awesome, though the Adversary is working on them pretty hard right now. But they are holding strong. I told you about Tyler Willbanks today (who seems so golden I literally thought he was a member messing with us!). But I haven't told you about Steve Jenkins. Steve basically found us. We put on a little sacrament service at a nursing home, and as we were going to get people to come, Steve stopped us and said "You're Mormons, ain't ya?" We said yes and continued to talk to him and eventually convinced him to let us come visit him on the following Thursday. That Thursday we taught him the first lesson. And we could definitely feel the Spirit. He told us he liked what he heard and to come back, so we did on Sunday (yesterday) where we taught him the second lesson. he then opened up to us saying he was a Pentecostal minister, but he no longer believed that religion. So on Thursday, we are going to visit him again. Steve is early to mid 60's I'd say and he is completely mobile and fully functioning. he just checked himself in because he has a bad heart. But, lately he is doing fine.
    I just finished writing Becca back. But other than Becca I've only heard from Brittney Harman and Sariah Hunt. That's cool about Sariah's mission call! Bernie's uncle is actually the mission President over there! Which is really funny because he was just waiting for someone from Twin to get called over there!
    Tell Craig that Wyatt, Colton, Ryan, Grandpa, him and I could have filled all our tags within one herd of deer I saw on Tuesday and Saturday. And all of them were 4x4 or bigger! The deer are monsters down here and they are everywhere!
     Anyways, love y'all. Let me know what is going on up there!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Monday, September 23, 2013

Busy Missionary!

We got a nice surprise this week in the form of a sweet sister in Cortez! We got a picture text on Monday night with some pictures of Elder Robinson and his companion. Not only that, but we got to learn a little more about the area and the people of Cortez (more than our one paragraph letters!).

Here is this week's letter:

The Cooks and Pixlers are great though we are going to have to push the baptism back a week now because they couldnt make it to church yesterday. You may just have to keep the elders there updated on me I'm running out of time and I dont have their emails on me. Everyone in the ward here is really catching the spirit of missionary work and that's what we are shooting for. The Cooks may have a new investigator for us which will be cool because we don't have to many most of the work we are doing is reactivation into the church. There are a ton of less/in-active people and we visit alot of them but it is great. We were tracting on Wednesday and found a guy who seems golden, he said that he has been hoping to run into missionaries and that his family came across with Brigham Young and he didnt know how they fell away. Anyways, can you send some Pickles seasoning down here that would be great. We have been getting a ton of rain down here and it is cold it has been hanging around 50 degrees the past couple of days but no complaints! I am having trouble sending pics but ill really try to figure it out next week.
Love Ya
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
He desperately wants some letters! His apartment address is:
219 W Montezuma Ave, Apt. A
Cortez, CO  81321
or email address:
Please send packages to the mission office, not his apartment.
400 W Apache
Farmington, NM  87401

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

In The Field!

As you may have noticed, we have had a small hiatus from this blog. Elder Robinson returned home for two weeks for a unique set of circumstances. While home, he was released as a missionary, but knew that he would be returning to the mission field within 2 weeks. He continued to live by mission rules and returned to the field on September 9, 2013.

This is a picture of the Elders from his MTC district.

This a picture of Elder Sobczack (pronounced sobchack), his trainer, Elder Robinson, and the mission president, President Batt. Cade arrived without his luggage, but luckily it was on the plane behind him. We received his first emails yesterday, so here they are:
Yeah my luggage came about 7 that night. So far so good out here! I told Riss about the Pixlers, the Family that are getting baptized. so ask her. My companions name is pronounced sobcheck, he is from roseville cal. he is pretty "by-the-books" kind of guy which may drive me nuts, its so hard to keep a conversation going with him. he is pretty reserved i guess you can say, but so far so good out here, it is so beautiful and the member support is outstanding! The elders we share an apartment with are hilarious One of them is the district leader but he is way cool!
Love you guys!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

PS If you are wondering you can write letters to me any time of the week. and i can write back just send all the letters to the mission office and they will forward them to me.

This is his letter to Myrissa:
This week has been pretty stressful for me as well. getting into the swing of things. My comp is super spiritual, I think, he thinks that things have to go right the way books lay it out for us, but you know me and that is not quite the way i run. The family that is getting baptized is in a couple weeks. Their names are the pixlers. They are catching on to the gospel so fast! the dad was actually baptized when he was 8 but hasnt really been active since. Yesterday he recieved the aaronic preisthood, so he can baptize his wife and kids in a couple weeks. The dads name is eugene, his wifes name is shannon and they have a 14 y/o son named gary and a 12y/o daughter named cheyanne.
It is so beautiful where i am serving now and there is great member support. i had to go up in sacrament yesterday and bear my testimony and after that everyone was wanting to shake my hand. We have a few other investigators that we have some pretty high hopes for, but we will see.
Love you!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
P.S. where are my letters? i havent got one in the mail and i have been here a whole week!
send it to the mission office in farmington i think its like 400 apache

So obviously, Elder Robinson is needing some emails and letters!! His email is and his mission office address is:

Elder Cade J. Robinson
New Mexico Farmington Mission
400 West Apache
Farmington, NM 87401

Saturday, August 17, 2013

First letter!

Well today is my first p-day but so far this week has been great! the classes are so spiritual! the food is great and im hardly home sick at all! my district is so awesome! we all get along great! my companions name is elder nelson he is from the tri-cities area in washington, hes pretty cool and he was called as the district leader. but im his senior companion how weird is that!? oh i guess i better tell you we are not actually in the actual mtc, we are on the west campus which is basically 2 entire apartment complexes because the mtc is so full right now. one complex is residential and the other complex we use for classes and stuff. so us and another companionship share an entire apartment it great! the other companionship is elder hayes and elder lowe. they are both so cool too! the rest of our district includes elder ruge/elder collins and elder lewis/elder peterson who are the zone leaders! i get along super great with elder lewis and elder ruge. any ways our zone consists of that district and another... which youll never guess whos in it... its the colorado springs district so bryse holyoak is in my zone its pretty funny. yesterday at gym time i said hi to him but i accidetally used his first name but i quickly corrected myself but he kinda yelled back in a joking way never call me that again. but later that night at dinner he said that his district leader thought there was contention between us and all he could do is laugh at the dl! haha. anyways i have to go snag my laundry and go get dressed real quick i have an interview with the branch president in a minute. Love y'all!

Elder Robinson

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Adventures (or Misadventures?) of Entering the MTC

Tuesday August 13th became a monumental day in Cade's history. After eating his last requested favorite dinner of homemade egg rolls, he had a ton of family and friends come to visit and say goodbye. At about 9:30 that evening, President Randy Hansen came to our home to set Cade apart as a missionary. He gave Elder Robinson a beautiful blessing and lots of encouragement.

Wednesday August 14th was a tough, tough day for the Robinson family, even though we were all so excited and proud of Cade. We headed out for Provo in our friend's van (much better gas mileage than the Suburban!) at about 7:30. Let me tell you, that was the quietest our family has ever been! Lots of tears were being leaked. Someone finally cracked a joke along about Ogden and then life felt a lot more normal and the talking was on! Cade's friend Ryan McMullin was scheduled to enter the MTC 15 minutes before Cade, so we met up with their family at Chuck-A-Rama in Orem.

The McMullins left to go spend some family time with Ryan, and we headed down to Payson to pick up some motorcycle parts for Sam. He had about an hour and a half left before drop off time. We picked up the parts and headed back up to Provo. About a mile away from the MTC, we were stopped at a stop light when Sam asked Darren, "Dad, why is the back windshield wiper on?" Darren said, "I'm not sure why" when all of a sudden the front wipers slowly come on and start spraying the windshield! Darren is looking at the control panel and all of the gauges are flipping back and forth. He said, "I think we are in trouble!" and then the car just dies! Here we are in the middle of the intersection with a dead car and missionary that needs to report in 10 minutes. What to do? We got out and pushed the car over to the side of the road and then said a prayer. Another car stopped with three gentlemen in it and asked if they could do anything. Darren asked if they had jumper cables, which they didn't, and was telling them about needing to get Cade to the MTC. He turns to Darren and says, "It's OK if he's late, they'll take him anyway. They want him there!"

All of a sudden it dawns on us that the McMullins had just dropped Ryan off at the MTC! We called them, explained the situation and they hurried over to save us. We quickly transferred Cade's luggage into their Suburban and sped off to the MTC. Of course there is construction, so we do a few small illegal moves and speed down some side streets to arrive at the MTC. Cade still made it within his 15 minute time frame!

And he's off for a two year adventure!

We made our way back down to the van (passing another car with smoke billowing out from the hood!) to figure out what we are going to do and how we are going to get home. We get back down the van and send the McMullins back to Twin with so many thanks. We are looking up cab company and tow truck numbers when a young man stops with some tools. Darren disconnects the battery cable thinking maybe to reset the computer, but unfortunately, it doesn't help the situation. A tow truck stops and and moves us into the parking lot of the apartments that we are stranded by. We are still standing there trying to decide what to do and where the nearest parts stores are when our angel comes along in a beat up car. An older Mexican gentleman with limited English offers to help. He has some jumper cables and miraculously the car starts right up! Until the jumper cables are removed. That happens a couple of more times until the consensus is that the alternator is done for. Francisco spent the afternoon helping Darren change out the alternator, making another trip to the parts store after they gave us the wrong alternator, and getting the van up and running. During the course of the afternoon, we found out the Francisco's wife was in the hospital with cancer. And yet he chose to spend the afternoon helping out a family in need!

Our family learned a couple of lessons that day.
1. It wasn't just an odd coincidence that Ryan was going to the MTC on the same day and 15 minutes before Cade.
2. That the Lord looks out for you and blesses you at all times! He sends people to help when you are in need. Francisco wasn't of our faith, but what a stellar example of a Christ-like attitude. He could have just driven by the parking lot with the van that had the hood up, but he didn't and spent his afternoon serving complete strangers.

P.S. Cade probably thinks we are still stuck in Provo!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The beginning of Cade's Journey

Cade's mission journey began when President Monson announced the change of the mission ages in the October 2012 General Conference. He received his mission call to the New Mexico Farmington mission on March 28, 2013.