Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Navajo Burgers

Hey Mom,
That sounds like yall had an awesome weekend! I will definitely write those people back as soon as i get the letters! 
Thats a bummer yall got a flat tire but its a good thing it all worked out! 
I was so jealous yall got to go dirt biking we had a lesson with a lady on thursday and she was talking about her sons dirt bike and his bow and how much fun he has with both of those and internally i was like ' Baaa! Someones probably up saving our spot right now for the weekend!' But, I am glad yall had so much fun! 
So a couple fridays ago we had Elder Carlson of the second Quorum Of the 70 Come do a mission tour and we got to Hear from him from Like 900 to 500 and that was way cool but this last friday we had a Chinle Az Stake fireside where Pres. Batt was there along with Elders Teh And Gay From the first Quorum of the 70! And that was way sick! Elder Teh is awesome and hilarious. Other than that we had a pretty awesome week besides Bobby is being a little poophead! He really Rubs me the wrong way sometimes!
We had a sweet night of softball at The tellers house Who are these amazing Recent converts and after wards we had a "CookOut" And these are my new favorites they are called Navajo Burgers! It is basically 2 Hamburgers in a frybread! Soo Good! I will send you how to make fry bread too!
Any ways all is well here Love ya!
Elder Cade
P.s. My camera broke this week so idk what you want me to do bout that. Let me know!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Shorter and shorter emails and still no letter!

Hey Mom,
So I am in farmington right now... But i am staying in round rock with E. Cook. We are just up here cuz the other elders truck has been peeing tranny oil all over our church parking lot they are getting a new truck.
Thats good that yall enjoyed uncle Carl's funeral! 
Thats awesome yall went to Gmas And Gpas for a weenie roast that sounds so fun right now! 
That is super awesome sam had a good day At roaring springs
What is riss gonna do for work if the Deckers move haha!?
You Could have both the sisters write me and i wouldnt mind too much haha!
I am so jealous yall have the fam reunion coming up where are yall going this year? 
I have been craving a good dirbiking ride lately but i end up just day dreaming bout it haha! 
well Love ya 
Elder Cade
Thank you again, Logan's, for the pictures!

Monday, June 9, 2014

New Investigator

Hey Mom.
This week has been crazy! We have done so much service! It has been nice to get out of the white shirts and ties though! The highlight of this week would be a new investigator finding us that has been being taught in mesa and is like super prepared to be baptized! Bobby had a hard week this week though, He wants nothing more than being baptized but his past holds him back. He may have gotten in a little trouble this week that will be a hinderance to him!
That is a real bummer that the work has slowed down that much for you guys and that you will have to start sharing a set again!
That is a real bummer that the Nuzios are having such a hard time! 
The  weather here has been pretty nice, it hangs in the mid 90s and peaks at about 100. Its gonna get warm!
That is awesome that Sams friend wants him to go to roaring springs. I want to go! 
Its great to hear yall are doing good! Things are going pretty great down here in the land of Lehi's seed too! I love it. I cant wait to show yall some of the things that really bring the Book of Mormon to life down here! 
Thank you a ton for the package last week It was Perfect!
Love Ya
Elder Cade

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hot, hot, hot


Email from 5/26/14:
Hey mom
Not too much new and exciting this week. It rained the past couple of days. Thats fun. it gets so muddy. I almost ran into a fence yesterday then almost got stuck that little Tacoma has a hard time sometimes. 
I will try that Google drive thing here in a minute.
Thats good that You had a good time with Jolee! 
That is hilarious that yall went to logan the 4 of us elders have been talking about usu alot. Elder Hirschi says i need to make it to that fall semster right after i get home. We will see because that would mean i would probably have to come home a few weeks early.
That is funny you got sun burned. i have got straight up baked a few times but now i have tanned up enough that i dont get bad anymore. 85 doesnt sound so bad im sure we have 100 here a long time ago.
That is awesome that sam is going to Boise. he will have so much fun!
That is sweet that Aub gave the lesson especially L2. That is the one i have the hardest time teaching because it covers so much!
That is what we struggle with most is getting the members to be missonaries out here we have a few weekly meetings where we (the missionaries) discuss how to help them help themselves.
Did you get you Bday present i sent you?
If you havent already sent that Package you were talking bout a couple weeks ago i have a few requests.
1 My Zippo 2. Those grey slacks 3.A Durable Water Bottle 4. Ephraims Rescue And 5. A new pair of jeans.
Please and thank you.!!
Love ya
Elder Cade
Making dinner for the Logan Family
(thanks Keshawna for the picture!)
Email from 6/2/14
Haha. Every single one of yall has asked me about mushrooms! I havent made any since i have been out and. I left the magical seasoning in cortez.
The pictures are sweet. I miss those guys so much! Haha i just told all the elders here with the pic of Tyler and Lexi. Thats my best friend and his sister who is my future wife.
Dotty is huge! And that challenger is sick! And Boise looks like yall had a ton of fun. Did dad fit in the challenger?
I am sincerely sorry about not writing letters it is so busy here. We squeeze every ounce of P-day we can because The weeks are so hectic and stressful here and I will probably not get one written today, because we are headed to Farmington today. Speaking of which could you put some dinero on my card. I am going to see a chiropractor today. My Back has been bothering me pretty bad for almost a month now. Sister batt said the guy probably wont charge me cuz he is a member But just in case he does. Missionary medical wont cover it unless it is doctor ordered.
That is so awesome that The western days parade was good! I forgot about that!
Is school up?
The music from last week did work! Thanks for that!
My Favorite experience this week, Is actually a pretty regular occurence, But when we run into someone and they say we are an answer to their prayers. We found a less active who seems pretty promising and his wife and children arent baptized but he wants to get reinvolved with the church!
Thats ok about the Pants thanks for lookin though!

Love ya mom

Elder Cade