Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Shorter and shorter emails and still no letter!

Hey Mom,
So I am in farmington right now... But i am staying in round rock with E. Cook. We are just up here cuz the other elders truck has been peeing tranny oil all over our church parking lot they are getting a new truck.
Thats good that yall enjoyed uncle Carl's funeral! 
Thats awesome yall went to Gmas And Gpas for a weenie roast that sounds so fun right now! 
That is super awesome sam had a good day At roaring springs
What is riss gonna do for work if the Deckers move haha!?
You Could have both the sisters write me and i wouldnt mind too much haha!
I am so jealous yall have the fam reunion coming up where are yall going this year? 
I have been craving a good dirbiking ride lately but i end up just day dreaming bout it haha! 
well Love ya 
Elder Cade
Thank you again, Logan's, for the pictures!

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