Monday, June 29, 2015

New Companion

This week has been pretty great!
Elder Cornu is my new comp's name and he is from Silverton, Oregon. He has been on his mission for 6 months.
Being DL is pretty good. I have a pretty cool district, so that makes things a lot easier! What did the letter from the Batts say?
Ok I will use that money for boxes! I wasnt quite sure what it was for, sorry!
That is crazy Jaxipoo is home! I am way excited to see him too! I really hope that we can have our old relationship back, too. 
It is super awesome to hear that you all had a great time at the reunion!  I am so excited  to come home to do that kinda stuff!  That stream sounds really nice as it is pretty hot down here, too. 
I did get that package. Thank you! I did get the bday package from gma and gpa, too. Tell them thank you too!
I need to get everyone's contact info here and in Many Farms because they are in my district now and I am going to go on exchanges over there and that way I will have them when I go home.
Love ya!
Elder Cade

Monday, June 22, 2015

Counting Down the Days

  First item of business, 58 days? Where did you go to school? Minico? I only have 52 days left haha!
  This week was really good! We had a lot of service with gardens and pulling weeds. And we have had a ton of good lessons, too.
  That stinks that Sam got burnt so bad, but that pic that dad sent me of him sleeping on the computer is hilarious! 
  It sounds like Ris is liking her new job! That is good. 
  That is crazy everyone is coming home so soon! I can't wait to see Jeremy! I miss that guy so much!Is he still going to school to be a cop?
  I told grandma  and grandpa to tell that guy to hold that job for me. It seems like a good deal to me. 
  Tell Aub good job on her Personal Progress as well! 
  What have you figured out about me coming home? I know I have already told you a million times but I think dad should come pick me up. If that isn't an option... and I mean like absolute last resort, then I have a request for you but we can talk about that next week. Let me know what the final say is, though. 
  Have extra fun at the reunion just for me! And give Jaxon a hug from me!
Love ya!
Elder Cade

Monday, June 15, 2015

Good Week

  This week has been really good!
  Monday we went out to this greener part of our area and had a barbecue. That was fun!
  Tuesday we taught some new investigators who seem really solid. They are really awesome! 
  Wednesday we had interviews with president. That was cool and I got my recommend renewed! Then he trained on how the transition should go for the new mission president coming in. Then we said our good byes to them! They leave on the 29th.
  Thursday we helped some people move then went out teaching the rest of the day.
  Friday I can't remember for some reason!
  Saturday we went out to teach people, but no one was home so we came back and got ready for another bbq .
  Sunday we had some great meetings! We had lunch with the Grushes, then we went out teaching w/ our branch president. Then we came back and had dinner with another member of the branch presidency. We then went to see a couple more people then came home.
  So that is our week in a nutshell.
  What did grandpa need he as didn't email me? 
Love ya!
Elder Cade

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sick week

  This week has been Ok. The work was a little slow, but that is because Elder Manu and I were both kinda sick. I am still on and off fevers. And yes, I am taking something for it, so don't worry! 
  The tornado that I heard about was like 2.5 hours away from where we are. 
  That is awesome that Sam wants to get in shape! I will have to go running with him or something when I get home, so we both can stay in shape.
  I am so jealous that dad and Sammit got to go riding! There is a YZF 450 that rides by the church here like once a day and every time I see it I just want to ride so bad!
  That is awesome that Sam got 2 awards in school! Is he going to middle school next year!?!
  I haven't really had the time to fill out the essays yet. I Will try to do that soon, though.
That is super cool that you finished paying for my mish! 
MOM, YOU SHOULD REALLY SEND THAT UKULELE! I could learn so much with Elder M! It would be awesome!
Love ya!
Elder Cade
P.s. I still really think someone should come pick me up! It will save a ton of hassle on shipping things home so my luggage fits! And it will be quicker! And I think I have had revelation that that is what is supposed to happen, I had a dream about it twice the latest one being last night! Haha JK! But seriously!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Super Short and Getting Trunky

  This will be super short, sorry! 
  We did go to Gallup on Monday and then we went on exchanges that night and Elder Cook and I got to be companions again for about 24 hours! We had a great time reminiscing on the good ol' Many Farms/ Round Rock days! Yesterday, we were just so busy that we couldn't fit emailing in, so here we are tonight. 
  This and last week have been awesome! We have been gaining some major trust from members and investigators by helping with their gardens! It has been a ton of fun and very productive! 
   To answer your question, I bought those shoes in Cortez for $2. And they have been great Rez shoes! Those shoes and I have been through alot together! Well, again, I am sorry it is so short!
Love ya!
Have a great week!
Elder Cade

We also got Elder R's flight itinerary yesterday. He is set to fly into Twin Falls at 10:47 PM on August 12th. Up until this point, he was set to fly home, but knowing that he is going to get into TF so late, he is changing his tune and wants us to go pick him up to get home a few hours earlier! Ah, to think that your parents can drop everything on a dime....Anyways, a few emails between us later tonight, he just admits that he is getting anxious to get home! So are we! So are we.