Tuesday, October 28, 2014


  That is pretty awesome that Elder Van Ry's Mom said that! It was really fun being able to train him! I hope I get the chance to train someday again, because it is a blast!
  My new comps name is Elder Timoteo. He has been out for 3 months now and he is from Vegas. He has been in Zuni the whole 3 months he has been out. The house is nice. It's actually a house instead of an trailer. We have only fired up the stove a couple times though, it is an adobe house so it is like super insulated. The walls are like 2 feet thick, I swear! We go out with a member to haul our wood. We will probably go out sometime this week to get some wood. 
   The Zuni rez is a lot different. For one, it is like a town instead of everyone being so far spread out! The language is completely different. I am sure there are other things, too, but I have only been here for less than a week.
   What Did Ryan find out with his MRI's and stuff? No one has told me anything!
Elder Sobczak was never a ZL. Elder Kay is the only one of my comps who is a ZL and that just happened last week! E. Sobczak just got released from being a DL. I asked him what the secret was so I could get released, too, but he just told me that he had been a DL for 11 months and I guess that his time was up! When I saw Elder Kay, I commenced making fun of him for being called as a Zl, but he just looked at me and said that I was next, then we could serve together again. That shut me up. I don't want to be a ZL, but it would be cool to serve with Kay again!
   That is awesome the girls' concert was good! Aub's costume is pretty Bomb! What are the other kids dressing up as? 
   I am going to call the Round Rock Elders here in a minute to see what they did with my box.
I don't really have any cool stories yet here. I am sure I will have some soon though! 
Love ya!
Elder Cade
So what I have been up to this week is; on Monday I had to go say goodbye to everyone in Round Rock! Like everyone. I swear I knew like the whole community! It was rough. Then on Tuesday we went into Gallup and did the exchange! It was hard turning the area over but the Elders there will do a great job! Then we came into Zuni. This place is freaking gorgeous! I feel like I am in like Mexico City sometimes. The houses are built like something you would see in the movies in like a South American continent. My new comps name is Elder Timoteo. He is a huge goof ball from Vegas! It has been a blast the whole time I have been here with him! Haha! Then the rest of the week was just a normal missionary week! Thursday was weird having District meeting with my trainer in the district! But so far it has just been a blast out here in Zuni. Supposedly the Zunis are some of the closest people to being Nephites there are! Pretty Cool!
Thanks Aub! Love Ya,
Elder Cade

Tuesday, October 21, 2014


   So crazy story! I got a call from a 208 # on Thursday and I was like what the heck? But there are a couple of senior couples in the stake from Idaho that try to get a hold of us every now and then so I answered... and Tyler was on the other end, that goof! He had saved my # from Mother's Day and called and told me where he was called to! Haha! That goof! But I talked to Jeremy for a second while I was on there then we ended it, haha! 
    That is crazy Lexi got engaged, though! Is that kid a member? 
    I am getting transferred!  I am going to The Zuni Reservation, down towards Gallup, NM! Which is super sick! I will be in the only missionary house in the United States where I will have to burn wood for heat in the winter!! I am super stoked! I will be DL again and I will actually be Elder Sobczak's DL ,which will be super weird!! Good-byes have been hard. I am going to miss a ton of people here! Some people have given me more jewelry. I got a sweet necklace! And a dang cool silver and turquoise key chain dealio! Elder Hirschi is going to Farmington. Then Elder VanRy and Elder Geilmann are staying.
    No word on ward leadership and it is sure hurting us. It seems like the ward is falling apart!
    I will go pick up my box in a few minutes. Thank you foo sending that and for the Lindsey Stirling album.
    That is a real bummer about all your missionaries! What are you gonna do now?!?! Half your kids left you! Was Hancock a ZL in twin? How the heck did all that work? 
   Thanks for rubbing in the TX Roadhouse haha! Elder Hirschi is moving to a place where there is one and I am so jealous! 
   How did my implanted pic fit into family pics this time? That's good they turned out well!
Well I have to go get things all packed up! 
Love Ya!
Elder Cade

Elder Robinson's new address:
Po Box 1086
Zuni NM, 87327

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Goodbye to the Logans

I am glad you liked the pictures on FB! It was rough helping them move! I hope they settle in nicely in Globe! We haven't got any news on ward leadership. Hopefully we find out this week! 

That is sweet McKadee got to go hunting! Its hilarious that she has eyes like Craigy! Did anyone get anything? Who all went?

That stinks that Sis. Bigelow is transferring! Are you just heart-broken that Hancock is leaving though?! Haha! Isn't fleck a ZL? How is he training if he is a ZL?

Thank you for the new Piano Guys album! I am excited to listen to it! 

Our transfers just got set back so that we are back on our regular schedule so that everyone will go home on their assigned day! 

Zone Conference was great! We talked about a ton of great stuff! I really enjoyed Meet the Mormons! Go watch it!!! It is amazing! 

As for iPads you will actually know when I will get it before I do! They will send you an email telling you where to order it and how much it will be and such! 

Have fun in IF for pics! Make sure to stomach some extra Texas Roadhouse for me! Make sure to send me some of the pics!

Tyler is pretty excited to get his call I guess! He is a Goof!

Tell Averi Happy Birthday for me! I got her Baptism invite on Thursday

That will be funny all of you running around on Halloween! 

In that package can you also send me a couple t shirts and my camo fleece jacket, and a small fleece blanket?

Thank you!!!!!!

Love Ya Mommy!!!!

Elder Cade 

So much thanks to the Logans and for always taking care of our missionaries! We wish their family the best in their new endeavor!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hey Mom!
 First thing is first. Sorry I have been a slacker at writing lately. I have been kinda overloaded the last few weeks! Trainer, DL, Bishop moving, try to get an activity in on P-day, then work my butt off the rest of the week!
 Conference was really good! I took a ton of notes! I'm gonna need a new notebook by the time Tuesday is over with! I don't really know what talk was my favorite. Maybe Elder Bednar's at the very end! We just ate a ton for new conference traditions, haha!
 I have been here for a long time, haha! We were talking about that at the Logan's! They didn't realize till like half way through that I was there last time too.
 We don't know who the new Bishop is yet. There hasn't been one called to our knowledge!
 That is nice y'all had the Sisters over for conference!
 Is Dotty always in trouble, haha? How does she get in and out? She doesn't fit through Oreo's door does she?
 I will get those pics! When do you need them by?
 Cinnamon rolls sound amazing, haha! That sounds like an awful good tradition to me!
 I am thinking BYU might be it! I will need you to work on my application for me, please! When you have done all you can on there let me know and I can get President Batt's permission to fill out the rest, and then he will write out my Ecclesiastical leader recommendation for me. Hopefully he can make that look really good! And then I will need dad to really work on my highlight video so I can send that in, too.
 So exciting news as of Tuesday[tomorrow] (zone conference). We will know when we get our i Pads [before end of the year for sure], and we will watch Meet the Mormons. I am pretty dang excited!
 Whats up with either of my sisters not emailing?
 Well, whats new up north?
Love ya Mama!
 Elder Cade Joseph Robinson!
P.s. I am also seriously thinking about extending for 30 days! Just to let you know!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Looking Smart!

So....I get this text of this nerdy boy the other night from Sister Logan. Yes. This is my boy.
I'm thinking he should have left Bishop Logan's glasses in the 90's!! He had to give him a pretty hard time about this one!

Email from Monday:
That is crazy that McKadee is that old already!!! Do you feel stinking old or what!? Haha! 
That is a real bummer that Gma can't go to Conference! But its good that Gpa is still taking them! 
That is fun y'all went to camp Bradley! Oh the memories there! Those pics were real pretty!
That is crazy that just you and the Mix boys were there! Haha! So how was that Clark guy so funny?
Well sorry to cut this short, mom, but we have to head in to Farmington in like 15 minutes. 
Can you tell me what my balance is!? Por Favor?  We will probably grab lunch down there.
I will write you a letter! 
Love ya! 
Elder Cade