Tuesday, October 28, 2014


  That is pretty awesome that Elder Van Ry's Mom said that! It was really fun being able to train him! I hope I get the chance to train someday again, because it is a blast!
  My new comps name is Elder Timoteo. He has been out for 3 months now and he is from Vegas. He has been in Zuni the whole 3 months he has been out. The house is nice. It's actually a house instead of an trailer. We have only fired up the stove a couple times though, it is an adobe house so it is like super insulated. The walls are like 2 feet thick, I swear! We go out with a member to haul our wood. We will probably go out sometime this week to get some wood. 
   The Zuni rez is a lot different. For one, it is like a town instead of everyone being so far spread out! The language is completely different. I am sure there are other things, too, but I have only been here for less than a week.
   What Did Ryan find out with his MRI's and stuff? No one has told me anything!
Elder Sobczak was never a ZL. Elder Kay is the only one of my comps who is a ZL and that just happened last week! E. Sobczak just got released from being a DL. I asked him what the secret was so I could get released, too, but he just told me that he had been a DL for 11 months and I guess that his time was up! When I saw Elder Kay, I commenced making fun of him for being called as a Zl, but he just looked at me and said that I was next, then we could serve together again. That shut me up. I don't want to be a ZL, but it would be cool to serve with Kay again!
   That is awesome the girls' concert was good! Aub's costume is pretty Bomb! What are the other kids dressing up as? 
   I am going to call the Round Rock Elders here in a minute to see what they did with my box.
I don't really have any cool stories yet here. I am sure I will have some soon though! 
Love ya!
Elder Cade
So what I have been up to this week is; on Monday I had to go say goodbye to everyone in Round Rock! Like everyone. I swear I knew like the whole community! It was rough. Then on Tuesday we went into Gallup and did the exchange! It was hard turning the area over but the Elders there will do a great job! Then we came into Zuni. This place is freaking gorgeous! I feel like I am in like Mexico City sometimes. The houses are built like something you would see in the movies in like a South American continent. My new comps name is Elder Timoteo. He is a huge goof ball from Vegas! It has been a blast the whole time I have been here with him! Haha! Then the rest of the week was just a normal missionary week! Thursday was weird having District meeting with my trainer in the district! But so far it has just been a blast out here in Zuni. Supposedly the Zunis are some of the closest people to being Nephites there are! Pretty Cool!
Thanks Aub! Love Ya,
Elder Cade

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