Tuesday, October 21, 2014


   So crazy story! I got a call from a 208 # on Thursday and I was like what the heck? But there are a couple of senior couples in the stake from Idaho that try to get a hold of us every now and then so I answered... and Tyler was on the other end, that goof! He had saved my # from Mother's Day and called and told me where he was called to! Haha! That goof! But I talked to Jeremy for a second while I was on there then we ended it, haha! 
    That is crazy Lexi got engaged, though! Is that kid a member? 
    I am getting transferred!  I am going to The Zuni Reservation, down towards Gallup, NM! Which is super sick! I will be in the only missionary house in the United States where I will have to burn wood for heat in the winter!! I am super stoked! I will be DL again and I will actually be Elder Sobczak's DL ,which will be super weird!! Good-byes have been hard. I am going to miss a ton of people here! Some people have given me more jewelry. I got a sweet necklace! And a dang cool silver and turquoise key chain dealio! Elder Hirschi is going to Farmington. Then Elder VanRy and Elder Geilmann are staying.
    No word on ward leadership and it is sure hurting us. It seems like the ward is falling apart!
    I will go pick up my box in a few minutes. Thank you foo sending that and for the Lindsey Stirling album.
    That is a real bummer about all your missionaries! What are you gonna do now?!?! Half your kids left you! Was Hancock a ZL in twin? How the heck did all that work? 
   Thanks for rubbing in the TX Roadhouse haha! Elder Hirschi is moving to a place where there is one and I am so jealous! 
   How did my implanted pic fit into family pics this time? That's good they turned out well!
Well I have to go get things all packed up! 
Love Ya!
Elder Cade

Elder Robinson's new address:
Po Box 1086
Zuni NM, 87327

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