Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Goodbye to the Logans

I am glad you liked the pictures on FB! It was rough helping them move! I hope they settle in nicely in Globe! We haven't got any news on ward leadership. Hopefully we find out this week! 

That is sweet McKadee got to go hunting! Its hilarious that she has eyes like Craigy! Did anyone get anything? Who all went?

That stinks that Sis. Bigelow is transferring! Are you just heart-broken that Hancock is leaving though?! Haha! Isn't fleck a ZL? How is he training if he is a ZL?

Thank you for the new Piano Guys album! I am excited to listen to it! 

Our transfers just got set back so that we are back on our regular schedule so that everyone will go home on their assigned day! 

Zone Conference was great! We talked about a ton of great stuff! I really enjoyed Meet the Mormons! Go watch it!!! It is amazing! 

As for iPads you will actually know when I will get it before I do! They will send you an email telling you where to order it and how much it will be and such! 

Have fun in IF for pics! Make sure to stomach some extra Texas Roadhouse for me! Make sure to send me some of the pics!

Tyler is pretty excited to get his call I guess! He is a Goof!

Tell Averi Happy Birthday for me! I got her Baptism invite on Thursday

That will be funny all of you running around on Halloween! 

In that package can you also send me a couple t shirts and my camo fleece jacket, and a small fleece blanket?

Thank you!!!!!!

Love Ya Mommy!!!!

Elder Cade 

So much thanks to the Logans and for always taking care of our missionaries! We wish their family the best in their new endeavor!

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