Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Looking Smart!

So....I get this text of this nerdy boy the other night from Sister Logan. Yes. This is my boy.
I'm thinking he should have left Bishop Logan's glasses in the 90's!! He had to give him a pretty hard time about this one!

Email from Monday:
That is crazy that McKadee is that old already!!! Do you feel stinking old or what!? Haha! 
That is a real bummer that Gma can't go to Conference! But its good that Gpa is still taking them! 
That is fun y'all went to camp Bradley! Oh the memories there! Those pics were real pretty!
That is crazy that just you and the Mix boys were there! Haha! So how was that Clark guy so funny?
Well sorry to cut this short, mom, but we have to head in to Farmington in like 15 minutes. 
Can you tell me what my balance is!? Por Favor?  We will probably grab lunch down there.
I will write you a letter! 
Love ya! 
Elder Cade

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