Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Turquoise and Silver

   This week has been pretty good! It started kinda slow, but we picked it back up! We taught 7 lessons this week, but they were all pretty good! I conducted my first exchange this week. It was pretty fun! Pretty stressful though! That is how the whole district leader thing is, just stressful. It isn't unbearable, but not fun, haha!
   That is funny Sister Bigelow gets a kick out of my emails, haha! She is pretty funny.
   That's good that the Berhisels enjoyed your work! Every time you made our flowers they were like the best at the dance!
   So, I will be able to see all my previous companions again next Tuesday, because we are having a district leader training. Weird how that all worked out!
   That is bittersweet that you are done at the surgery center! So how often are you working at MSTI now?
   What is new and exciting there in Twin?
Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from 9/22/14:
Those are some nice war wounds! Haha! 
That is good y'all had a good time at the reunion!
That is awesome that stake conference was so good for you guys too! Dad didn't sound too happy that he had to say the opening prayer though!  haha!
That is sad that they will be released soon!
The moccasins are so comfy!!!
That is good that Dotty is doing so good! 
That is awesome all that new stuff is coming in to Twin! I am going to get all my money selling plasma when I get home haha! 
This week was really good! I went on exchanges in Lukachukai! And Elder Van Ry did really well taking over the area ! He set us up to pick up 2 new investigators! So we went back yesterday and picked one of them up! It was awesome! I told him that he should be getting ready to take over the area next  transfer! 
The other 2 Elders had a baptism on Saturday! It was good! I interviewed them all and they were all super prepared! Then I was able to confirm one of them on Sunday. That was pretty neat! 
But other than that our week has been pretty good! 
Love ya!
Elder Cade
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Custom watch

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Nice get up!

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