Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Staying in Zuni!

Email from 2/16/15:
It does sound like your week was exciting! 
That is crazy that Sam might have appendicitis! Did you watch Talodega Knights with him while he was on drugs too? That was hilarious! 
The new stake presidency sounds interesting but I am sure they will do a great job! When is Bishop Mix planning on being released? 
Dad is getting old! That is funny sister Loveless called you! That would have been cool if we flew home together... but i am extending, Muhaha!
The package I sent was a couple manilla envelopes with the Clayton's mail. I am going to send another one off soon. I didn't get your package yet, probably tomorrow. The only V-day package I got was from Aunt Tresa and Uncle Joel. Haha! I told them they have earned bragging rights cuz they were the first and only V-day package I got! 
Our week went well. We finally got back up into double digit lessons! So I am planning on taking that and using it to sling shot us to our 20 lesson week. Hopefully soon!
It feels weird to have 3/4s of my mission past! I guess I better just keep working hard and harder!
Love ya!
Elder Cade
Email from 2/23/15
Couple of q's before I forget. 1. If I send you the G bottoms back that you sent me for my bday could you exchange them for another kind? 2. I ripped one of my suit pants right in the butt, could I send those to you as well and have Petersons repair them?
That is so awesome that you had a great time in AZ! I hope you had a blast with the Logans! They are so stinking awesome! I can't wait to go visit them!
Well, my email this week is gonna be pretty short because almost nothing happened all week! We went out and worked our butts off (that is why there is a hole in my suit pant butt now) (Jk), but no one was home or they didn't have time or another of a million excuses we heard. So we are in the process of deciding who we need to drop, who we need to give ultimatums to, and how we are going to find new promising people. So that is going to be our mission the next few weeks! Wish us luck!
Love ya!
Elder Cade

Monday, February 9, 2015

Beautiful Hiking Pictures and Horse?

Last week's email:
Hey Mom
Thanks for the Super Bowl party pics! 
That is legit Aub got a job! 
That is hilarious Sam talked Dad into going on his ski trip! Tell him not to hurt himself this time! 
That is funny that everyone is getting new puppies! 
Probably the coolest experience that we had this week was finding 2 new investigators through a member couple that we have gotten super close too! It is the wife's sister and her husband, he just spent some time in jail and some how got a hold of a Book of Mormon and has been hooked on it! So he has already committed to baptism, the trick is going to be to get them to church! 
We have been lacking on lessons lately but it will pick up here real soon! 
Sorry this is short but I am just done! 
Love ya!
Elder Cade
This week's email:
I am running outta time so I will keep this short! 
That is super awesome Noah got his call! Tell him I said so, too! 
I laughed pretty hard thinking 'bout Sis Cook and Sis Bernhisel's conversations, hah! 
I jealous that some of ya went to agri action! Not so much 'bout the funeral, though I have been to way too many of those on my mission!
Our week has been good. We had to go to Gallup because we had a pebble stuck in our brake and we saw that we picked up a bolt in our tire, so we had them patch that too!
We have been blessed with new people to teach, though the efforts of the members working with us it has been really awesome! I have loved it!
This week is going to be great I can feel it! 
I hope y'alls week is great too!
Love ya!
Elder Cade