Monday, October 28, 2013

One Great Week!

Email from today:
    The baptism is on for the Saturday! We are really trying to keep in contact with her all week! I am again running out of time so I will again write you a letter! Sorry! I am just so dang irresistible that I have to write a million emails every Monday morning!
Keep in touch!
Love Y'all!
 Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

I'm not going to complain much about the short emails, though, since we all got a nice letter this week (including Oreo, the dog!). Here is the letter:

     It sounds like everyone is doing well! And I have already started seeing more people write me HaHa. And sorry I wasn't able to email you! We were told by President Batt to spend some time looking through the Church websites in Zone Conference. Speaking of which it was great. Pres. Batt and Sis Batt are awesome along with the District leaders, Zone leaders and Assistants to the President! I have learned so much so far and I am only a little over 1/12th of the way done! It's crazy to have come this far in this short time. It kind of scares me...What will I be like when I'm done? And what scares me even more is wondering how slacking I was before and how much further I have to go!
     We have seen so many miracles while I have been out here. It has been crazy! I won't even attempt to write them down because it will do none of them any justice! But it is definitely been a testimony builder for sure!
     So I haven't met Jen's nephew yet. That's kind of on the opposite corner of the mission. Maybe I will eventually. And I have not received the letters from her Achievement days yet. But  am looking forward to them!
     So, yep I have dropped some weight. But it is good so far. One of the Elders in my district keeps ragging on me to walk on the BYUs team.  He was a center there and says their team could use me. It sounds pretty enticing, but I'm not quite convinced yet.
     Anyways, all is good here!
Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
P.S. If it is convenient, maybe you could send my gray suit?

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good week!

My email yesterday consisted of this: "Mom, I just printed your email, but I ran out of time to write you so I will just write a letter for you later today. Elder Cade Joseph Robinson". Hmmm. Good thing that he had written the family a letter earlier this week!

Sister Cook sent some pictures of when she had the boys over for dinner on Saturday. It was Elder Sobczak's birthday! How fun is she in putting this party together?!

Here is the letter from 10/14:

Dear Fam,
     So you know quite a bit about this past week already because of Sister Cook, I'm assuming. She is so great! Along with so many other people here. I can hardly wait for you to meet some of these people when you come to pick me up. Like Brother Riffey. He is the High Priest Group Leader. He is always looking out for us and takes us out to lunch every Tuesday. And so many others like him. I would love for you to meet the Pixlers as well!
     Well, today seems to be going pretty good. If the rest of the week goes like today, it will be pretty good. How is school going for the kids? How is the football team doing? Anything new at home?
     Like I was saying, in Farmington this week the one kid was the QB for Madison, another was a halfback and was built like no other. So the three of us got along great! I really liked the other guy as well, but he just didn't play football.
     How is the rest of the family doing? I haven't heard from anyone except grandma and grandpa and Rochelle. How are Colton and Brooklyn? Rochelle said they are getting married in January now? Tell that turd to write me! Ask Jim and Jen where their nephew is serving. have Craigy and grandpa gone hunting yet? How are Craigy's ribs?
    Riss, where the crap is my CTR ring? HaHa! I just got back from the trading post here and the Navajo jewelry is beautiful! Their culture is so interesting! The second counselor in our Bishopric is Navajo. His name is Brother Largo. He is way cool! He was a professional team roper before he became active. They made us real Navajo tacos the other day. It was awesome! But with all the great food we get here I'm down to 270 lbs.
    Anyways, write back soon!
Love you guys!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Time in Farmington

On Tuesday last week, Sister Cook texted me to let me know that Elder's Robinson and Sobczak were headed to Farmington to the mission home for a few days. Elder Sobczak was diagnosed with pneumonia and needed some time to recuperate. They did make it Farmington and were back in Cortez by Friday. We wish Elder Sobczak well!

Sister Cook delivered our conference package to Cade and kindly sent us a picture!

First is the letter dated 10/8/13:
Dear Fam,
   So, as you could expect from my previous email, last week royally sucked. I'm hoping this week will be a ton better though, because we have a service project for everyday. Yesterday was pretty nice but only because we spent it with the other Elders throwing tomahawks and knives at a member's house. After throwing we went to dinner which was really good. We then went and loaded, moved, then unloaded 80 bales of hay for a member which was really relaxing in all reality. The member we did it for is so cool. He raises donkeys, mules and horses, and is really into archery so we get along great.
    So as for the Pixlers, they keep getting set back because the dad (who is actually baptizing his wife and son) works in Alaska for 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off and because they are hurting for money he put in for a week over and won't be home until the weekend of the 26th.
    Steve moved back home from the nursing home and so we had to turn him over to the Elders in the 1st Ward.
    Other than that we have been working with a ton of less active members. Some seem to be coming
along really well and some are just straight up lazy!
    Anyway, I'll just keep tucking my head down and plowing through. Thanks for the awesome packages and letters! Keep them coming!
     Love you guys !
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
BTW: I have gotten a haircut since that last picture.

Here is the email from Monday:
Did you get my letter from last week? I'll send another one today, so i can be more in depth with you guys. Farmington was pretty fun the Elders there were so awesome! Elder S. says he is feeling better but he isnt acting like it. We are trying to make up for all the work we missed last week and quite frankly I feel like a chicken running around with his head cut off. I am so lost in what we missed aand what we are trying to accomplish. Tell Sam that that is hilarious, and tell Caleb to just have fun with this year. And also tell Caleb to involve the Lord in that decision, it is right for some people to wait and it is also right for some people to go right away. I will go home and write a letter with some more details!

Love You Guys!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Conference Week

We finally got some pictures! It looks as if Cortez is beautiful!

Hey Mom,
 We actually watched all 5 sessions at a church building here in town. The conference Package was great! That's awesome about the moose! this week we have a service project scheduled for every day starting tonight at 6 we are going to help load and unload 80 bales of hay I'm super excited! My comp on the other hand is not, we had a pretty big fight this week and it ended up going nowhere. I was hoping one of us was going to get transferred this week but we aren't but Elder Rich who has helped me out a ton is! it is a bummer but hopefully things get better! Tell Sam congratulations on being a perfect loser and the other thing.
Love Y'all
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson