Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Good week!

My email yesterday consisted of this: "Mom, I just printed your email, but I ran out of time to write you so I will just write a letter for you later today. Elder Cade Joseph Robinson". Hmmm. Good thing that he had written the family a letter earlier this week!

Sister Cook sent some pictures of when she had the boys over for dinner on Saturday. It was Elder Sobczak's birthday! How fun is she in putting this party together?!

Here is the letter from 10/14:

Dear Fam,
     So you know quite a bit about this past week already because of Sister Cook, I'm assuming. She is so great! Along with so many other people here. I can hardly wait for you to meet some of these people when you come to pick me up. Like Brother Riffey. He is the High Priest Group Leader. He is always looking out for us and takes us out to lunch every Tuesday. And so many others like him. I would love for you to meet the Pixlers as well!
     Well, today seems to be going pretty good. If the rest of the week goes like today, it will be pretty good. How is school going for the kids? How is the football team doing? Anything new at home?
     Like I was saying, in Farmington this week the one kid was the QB for Madison, another was a halfback and was built like no other. So the three of us got along great! I really liked the other guy as well, but he just didn't play football.
     How is the rest of the family doing? I haven't heard from anyone except grandma and grandpa and Rochelle. How are Colton and Brooklyn? Rochelle said they are getting married in January now? Tell that turd to write me! Ask Jim and Jen where their nephew is serving. have Craigy and grandpa gone hunting yet? How are Craigy's ribs?
    Riss, where the crap is my CTR ring? HaHa! I just got back from the trading post here and the Navajo jewelry is beautiful! Their culture is so interesting! The second counselor in our Bishopric is Navajo. His name is Brother Largo. He is way cool! He was a professional team roper before he became active. They made us real Navajo tacos the other day. It was awesome! But with all the great food we get here I'm down to 270 lbs.
    Anyways, write back soon!
Love you guys!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

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