Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hey Mom,
I am Glad you enjoyed talking on Christmas! I did too! It was a lot of fun! 
That is a bummer that dad got sick!
Elder T and I thought that girl's quote is hilarious! We are gonna try to use it some time this week! 
That is crazy you had such low #s. Ours was pretty low too! We only had like 44. But that was nice because we had to teach the Sunday school lesson! 
Who did Sheila Majors get married to? Is she coming back to church?
The rest of Christmas was ok. I talked to Jeremy for like a minute! He had to get work so that kinda sucked! But atleast i got to talk to him!
Cool story: We are now teaching 2 Guys who have been coming to church for a couple of months and they seem pretty solid! That is about it though! Last week was pretty slow!
Love ya Mom!
Elder Cade 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

2 Emails! (Oops! Did I forget to post last week?!)

This week was preety good! And pretty slow all at the same time! We had a good# of great lessons but come about Thursday the whole area shutdown! The Zunis are celebrating something they call Shalako... I will just have to let you look it up, I have some pretty biased feelings against it!  
It looks like yall had a ton of fun on saturday! That is crazy you saw all those people down in SLC! 
That is way cool that you are going to let the younger girls start visiting teaching now! That is really a good Idea!
That is a bummer that grandpas knee isnt doing so good this time around!  I hope that gets better real soon! 
Its crazy riss is already all registered for school! 
That is funny sam has such a huge list! haha! I am trying to think of what to get him! 
Well our investigator who we werwe supposed to baptize this weekend passed his interview on saturday but when we went by his place tofill out the baptismal record we found out that he wasnt legally married so we are gonna try to get that straightened out here soon so he can be baptized! 
Well i am just fresh out of things to say! Sorry it is so short this week! 
Love ya!
Elder Cade

Chatting has been fun!
This week was awesome we broke our record for lessons again! And we are hoping by the end of the transfer to have a 20+ lesson week!
I think the Highlight of the week was the Christmas party last Tuesday I love all the friends I have been able to make on my mission! One elder from the Boise area asked me to come help him rebuild an old charger when I get home haha!
I am glad yall got to see all of your missionaries! Haha!
So that is terrible about Bro Mac and Bro Spaulding! I will be sure to keep them and their families in my prayers!
Wood hauling went well this morning we got 2 loads because we got the 1st one done so fast! The wood stove is so cozy! It is tempting to have one in my home when I get a home that is!
No battle wounds from todays adventures though! The buckskin gloves yall sent with the Tree were super nice! we were working in the snow and those gloves kept me pretty warm!
Well, Sorry this email is so short!
Love ya!
Elder Cade

Thursday, December 4, 2014


   Elder T and I are both staying in Zuni! The only thing that changed in our District is that E. Sobczak is getting another trainee! I get another brother!!! Yay!!
   We already picked up the tree you sent us!. Thank you! 
   Thanksgiving was pretty good. We had 2 dinners, one at 1 and another at 6ish. We had a lot of fun and good talks with the members, though!
   I made some of my mushrooms for Elder T a while ago. They were so good! I forgot why we loved them so much till I reminded myself!
   I emailed both Jaxon and Colton today. I have been terrible at keeping in contact with everyone! 
What was Derek Hope asking about?
   Well, our week was really good. We had a record # of lessons, even with the holidays and running into Gallup twice this week. I was pretty excited! Other than that, a girl gave her farewell talk in church this week. She is leaving the same day as Tyler for the Dallas Texas mission. It was a good Sunday meeting! I was making fun of Elder T. I told him, "Wow! You have been out on your mission for like 5 months now.  Guess what though? Meagan will be home before you! Haha!"  But I think that was pretty much our week in a nutshell. 
   One request. Could you send the Rascal Flatts Christmas Album? Please and Thank You!
Love Ya
Elder Cade