Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hey Mom,
I am Glad you enjoyed talking on Christmas! I did too! It was a lot of fun! 
That is a bummer that dad got sick!
Elder T and I thought that girl's quote is hilarious! We are gonna try to use it some time this week! 
That is crazy you had such low #s. Ours was pretty low too! We only had like 44. But that was nice because we had to teach the Sunday school lesson! 
Who did Sheila Majors get married to? Is she coming back to church?
The rest of Christmas was ok. I talked to Jeremy for like a minute! He had to get work so that kinda sucked! But atleast i got to talk to him!
Cool story: We are now teaching 2 Guys who have been coming to church for a couple of months and they seem pretty solid! That is about it though! Last week was pretty slow!
Love ya Mom!
Elder Cade 

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