Thursday, December 4, 2014


   Elder T and I are both staying in Zuni! The only thing that changed in our District is that E. Sobczak is getting another trainee! I get another brother!!! Yay!!
   We already picked up the tree you sent us!. Thank you! 
   Thanksgiving was pretty good. We had 2 dinners, one at 1 and another at 6ish. We had a lot of fun and good talks with the members, though!
   I made some of my mushrooms for Elder T a while ago. They were so good! I forgot why we loved them so much till I reminded myself!
   I emailed both Jaxon and Colton today. I have been terrible at keeping in contact with everyone! 
What was Derek Hope asking about?
   Well, our week was really good. We had a record # of lessons, even with the holidays and running into Gallup twice this week. I was pretty excited! Other than that, a girl gave her farewell talk in church this week. She is leaving the same day as Tyler for the Dallas Texas mission. It was a good Sunday meeting! I was making fun of Elder T. I told him, "Wow! You have been out on your mission for like 5 months now.  Guess what though? Meagan will be home before you! Haha!"  But I think that was pretty much our week in a nutshell. 
   One request. Could you send the Rascal Flatts Christmas Album? Please and Thank You!
Love Ya
Elder Cade

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