Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Companion and Baptisms

Tha baptism was awesome! Kinda stressful but definitely worth it!!
Well Elder Cook and i both goy our transfer news on friday which is a day early from what we usually get it... and we got it from President Batt himself... because we both got new callings! Elder Cook is going to Page Az to be the Dl and I am staying here in Round Rock to train my first son!!!! We are both pretty dang nervous and excited! Dad shoot me some tips on training cuz it sounds like you did it a few times!
The baptism was awesome!
We haven't checked mail yet! But I will let you know when I do!
That is way awesome that grandpa is doing so well! I busted up laughing when I read that he was beating Rhett and Sam with his walker!
I haven't got Sam's present shipped off yet because it isn't done yet. Elder Cook got his dream catcher done though and it is sweet so i assume that the tomahawk is gonna be way cool!!
That is crazy bout Tyson's Homecoming! I can't believe he is home!
That is funny about Elder H! Is he still a ZL? How is he? He did email me back once, But not the second time that poofart!
Sister Bigelow is still writing me haha! All the elders here think it is so funny that you and Riss are trying to set us up!
Bobby is doing good he is sad to see Elder C leave!
Well I will Write yall a letter !
Love Ya
Elder Cade
Baptism Day for the Harveys!

Elder Cook

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New clothes, maybe?

Letter dated 7/14/14:
   This week has been really good!
   That's a real bummer Lexi is getting married, haha!
    I am still stoked to hear about Caleb's call! That is really awesome Devin is going too! That is the mission Ryan McMullin is in. I was about to kill someone when you said the drive-ins were closed, but it is good that one of them will stay open. That pic Riss sent me of Dotty is hilarious/crazy! So I am still praying about school. I will have an answer for you soon, but not quite yet. Another thing is I need my temple clothes soon. We are going August 8th. And no one out here has stuff I can borrow! How are you planning on getting "in state tuition"? Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Someone's house! 
Churchy is doing good.

 A sunset with Roundrock in there.
We had our last district meeting in the mountains in Lukachukai, Arizona. 

 My suit is way too big.

Email from 7/21/14: 
That is so sweet that dad had such a good time at his mission reunion! 

Before i start Into anything else though Can someone send me my priesthood line of authority? 

We had a super awesome week! We finished up giving the Harveys the lessons! We took them to a baptism in a pretty close community on Saturday to see what it was all about! While we were there Iris and Haley got interviewed for baptism and on the way back through Gregory got interviewed for the Priesthood! They all passed with flying colors! So yesterday we sustained Greg for the priesthood in sacrament and come priesthood we realized we forgot to ask him who he wanted to give him the priesthood. So I went up and asked him and he told me that he wanted me to do it! So that was oober cool! Other than blessings that is the first ordinance I was voice for! I felt pretty cool! But we have got everything lined up now for Gregory to baptize Iris And Haley next Saturday at 3 pm! It has been hectic but way worth it! 

So I am going to ask President Batt next time I see him about how he feels about me going to school next fall. I have a pretty good feeling that I probably should but we will see what he says! 

I did get an appointment scheduled to see an ortho but it isn't until the 30th of July.

I have got someone working on Sam's present and i will need $20 for him then whatever it will cost to ship it! 

That is hilarious what you said about Sis. Bigelow's mom! Haha!

Anyways all is well down here! 

I am now down to 260 and my suit just hangs off me haha!

Love yall!

Elder Cade

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sharing the Mission!

Letter from 7/9/14
Dear Family,
   It was good to hear y'all had a good time up in Northern Idaho! I am pretty jealous, though monsoon season is about to start here and I am pretty excited about that!
   Elder Cook hit his 1 year on 7/5 so that night he went to burn his was a little windy, but not bad but before we knew it, we were getting dumped on. It was like a microburst. It was pretty fun!
   This week was awesome! We set Iris and Haley Harvey on baptismal date (Gregory is already a member and their other daughter is 5). We also set Tash's date. Tomorrow we are going to set Johnny's, he thought he was baptized but we can't find his records. Probably because a couple of different things. One, he changed his name and doesn't remember how to spell the other one. And two, when his dad got baptized, he thought that looked like a good idea, so he just went in after his dad. And he doesn't think he was interviewed or anything. So he might not have records.
   Bobby is doing good. We saw him tonight. He hasn't been to church in 3 weeks, which is highly unusual if he misses one week. He will for sure be there next week, but anyways, he feels everything stacking up in his life and he almost can't wait for Sunday! His family is really warming up to us finally. They are all thugs! But they are nice to us!
   That reminds me, down here if you are trying to refer to your first cousin, he or she is your cousin brother or cousin sister! I find that is humorous. All your aunts and uncles are mom and dad, all nieces and nephews are daughter or son! I actually find a lot of the same tendencies in our Larson side. Where they love to get their extended family/friends together to cook out or just hang out. It's funny!
Well, Hágoónee’ (until next time, because bye is bad)
Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from 7/14:
That is so flipping sweet!!!!!!! I just told Caleb that I am gonna bug Pres. Batt till Caleb comes, to see if I can train him!!!! That got me so freaking excited!
So I told Riss to tell you to sit down when you read this because when we went to Gallup on Wed for zone conference, I went to JCP and tried stuff on to see what fits and I am freaking small now compared to what I left at!
Suit coat: I am now a 48L Compared to the 54L
Whte shirts:  17 1/2 necks vs. the 19s I have now. With 37-38 sleeves
pants: 42x35s vs. 44x33s
That is flippin sweet y'all saw another moose haha! Are y'all like moose whisperers or what? Haha!
So I had a freaky/ miracle like experience this week! The Harveys, who are getting baptized on the 26th, we were teaching them Friday night and one of their little girls handed me her little puppy that the whole family adores, but while I was holding this little puppy it died in my hands!!!! I didn't know what the freak to do. Like "Should I Tell them?" Then I got a crazy idea I always hear of people giving their animals blessings in the pioneer days so I did that... And now the puppy is alive and well but I am still like  "What the...?" No one noticed anything until I told Elder Cook on the way home. Haha!
That is awesome you talked yesterday!
Sister Logan is doing like 1 Million times better! I am so excited for that! They are actually in SLC today haha!
Well, I love ya!
Elder Cade

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hotter than Hades!

Dear Family,
   What up? So I'm sending Rissa's camera back with my broken SD cards. There a few pics on there. See if you can get them off I guess. Thanks for the sweet packages! I thought that shirt was a flag haha! Elder Kay has my beard, though, so I'm kinda upset I can't match those up!
   So what's new and exciting this week? Dotty was a hot topic in the letters from everyone else! That was a butt-ton of letters I had to writ to reply to! My hand hurts!
   How is summer break going? Are y'all going to Coeur d'Alene this week? Can you believe it is July already? The weather down here is pretty convincing that it is! The Harveys told us that it was 120 degrees yesterday (Monday). Pretty warm!
  Have I told you about the Harvey's? They are getting ready to be baptized on the 26th. Greg, the dad/husband, is already a member so we are hoping he will be able to baptize his wife, Iris, and daughter Hailey. I'm stoked for them! They were so prepared!
   How are the sisters doing in our ward? How is the ward?
   Well, I'm about out of things to say. Keep on keeping on!
Love y'all!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from Monday 7/7/14:
   So the Baptism isn't until the 26th of July but we went over 2 times this week and we figure we have to visit them 7 more times before the 26th in order to have all the lessons taught! So we are kinda on crunch time! The baptism is for Iris And Haley Harvey! They fed us last night (Salmon and mutton stew(awesome combo Eh?)) Then we had a sweet lesson with them they are soo ready to be baptized and we just met them a few weeks ago!
   Then we have another baptism scheduled for August 2nd, That's for Tash Gardener who fell into our laps. She has been being taught by the mesa missionaries for like a year and is like super prepared to be baptized!
   Well it sounds like y'all had a butt load of fun! That is so sweet! The pics are awesome! But You got to stay away from those tipis!! Hahaha! 
   Huckleberry shakes and elephant ears sound so good right now! And Texas Roadhouse and Olive garden! Ahh!
   So Remember when I said on mothers day that I might need new shirts by my year mark... I do and pants and maybe a suit. Everything are drowning me now I am down like 30 or 40 pounds! But we can get into more specifics later. Idk if you want to send the stuff or for me just to go into town and buy it?
   That's so sad about Sis. Masoner! I was really hoping Just the other day that I would be able to go see her when I got home! That is 2 of my Shut-ins In 2 weeks! Who is Janet Brooks? 
   Well thanks for the awesome email!
Love ya !
Elder Cade

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Busy Missionary

Letter from 6/23/14
Dear Robinson Family,
    I am sincerely sorry bout being so bad at writing letters! I just counted up the number of households we try to talk to every week and it's 55, we average between 12-22, depending on the week. So we have been super busy. This area was booming for the first transfer and a half. We figured out last night that the work here has been going down the chutes lately. The attendance has gone down tremendously. We had like 25 people at Sacrament, then a ton of people left after Sacrament. It has been tough.
   But, how have y'all been? I was so jealous when I saw the pics of y'all at the family reunion! Colty looks like a stoner, haha! Sam does look like he is getting the hang of riding pretty good! Any time I see a dirt bike, how I miss it so much! Dad, sell my bike because the first thing I want to buy when I get home is a 450! And the next thing will be a truck. Did Wyatt ride the 250 this weekend, though?
   Bryce Holyoak is in the Colorado Springs mission, not Ft. Collins. When does Matt leave? Tell me as soon as Caleb gets his call. I am so excited to hear where he is going!
   I got a kick out of when you said Riss is trying to get along with her frenemies. IDK why, but it just tickled by fancy. When I was going through the reunion pics, I showed the other 3 missionaries the pic of Rissa's B-day and the one she is pushing up her eyebrows and she looks like some kind of troll or gremlin. It was pretty funny!
    So are y'all going to northern Idaho for the 4th of July? If so y'all are LUCKY!
    So what are the plans for this summer? Anything else fun and exciting?
I love y'all!
Keep on keeping on!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Thanks again to the Logan's for the pictures!!

Have You asked Sister Bigelow how she feels about that, haha?!
Thanks for the Pictures though!
So you should get me sister cooks email address so i can email her so i can get shannons email as well!
It does sound like yall had a real busy week!
Have yall heard from elder Hancock? I tried emailing him last week but i didnt get anything back.
So I do plan on writing another letter tonight but first we have to run to chinle to do some grocery shopping then we have to run to round rock to put some people on date for baptism then i will write you!
How did Sister Cook get Elder Tucker stuff? He was a goof ball! Haha. He trained Elder Christensen Who trained Elder Kay. Haha!
Anyways! I will give you a run down on the week When i write the letter!
Love ya
Elder Cade