Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New clothes, maybe?

Letter dated 7/14/14:
   This week has been really good!
   That's a real bummer Lexi is getting married, haha!
    I am still stoked to hear about Caleb's call! That is really awesome Devin is going too! That is the mission Ryan McMullin is in. I was about to kill someone when you said the drive-ins were closed, but it is good that one of them will stay open. That pic Riss sent me of Dotty is hilarious/crazy! So I am still praying about school. I will have an answer for you soon, but not quite yet. Another thing is I need my temple clothes soon. We are going August 8th. And no one out here has stuff I can borrow! How are you planning on getting "in state tuition"? Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Someone's house! 
Churchy is doing good.

 A sunset with Roundrock in there.
We had our last district meeting in the mountains in Lukachukai, Arizona. 

 My suit is way too big.

Email from 7/21/14: 
That is so sweet that dad had such a good time at his mission reunion! 

Before i start Into anything else though Can someone send me my priesthood line of authority? 

We had a super awesome week! We finished up giving the Harveys the lessons! We took them to a baptism in a pretty close community on Saturday to see what it was all about! While we were there Iris and Haley got interviewed for baptism and on the way back through Gregory got interviewed for the Priesthood! They all passed with flying colors! So yesterday we sustained Greg for the priesthood in sacrament and come priesthood we realized we forgot to ask him who he wanted to give him the priesthood. So I went up and asked him and he told me that he wanted me to do it! So that was oober cool! Other than blessings that is the first ordinance I was voice for! I felt pretty cool! But we have got everything lined up now for Gregory to baptize Iris And Haley next Saturday at 3 pm! It has been hectic but way worth it! 

So I am going to ask President Batt next time I see him about how he feels about me going to school next fall. I have a pretty good feeling that I probably should but we will see what he says! 

I did get an appointment scheduled to see an ortho but it isn't until the 30th of July.

I have got someone working on Sam's present and i will need $20 for him then whatever it will cost to ship it! 

That is hilarious what you said about Sis. Bigelow's mom! Haha!

Anyways all is well down here! 

I am now down to 260 and my suit just hangs off me haha!

Love yall!

Elder Cade

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