Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Busy Missionary

Letter from 6/23/14
Dear Robinson Family,
    I am sincerely sorry bout being so bad at writing letters! I just counted up the number of households we try to talk to every week and it's 55, we average between 12-22, depending on the week. So we have been super busy. This area was booming for the first transfer and a half. We figured out last night that the work here has been going down the chutes lately. The attendance has gone down tremendously. We had like 25 people at Sacrament, then a ton of people left after Sacrament. It has been tough.
   But, how have y'all been? I was so jealous when I saw the pics of y'all at the family reunion! Colty looks like a stoner, haha! Sam does look like he is getting the hang of riding pretty good! Any time I see a dirt bike, how I miss it so much! Dad, sell my bike because the first thing I want to buy when I get home is a 450! And the next thing will be a truck. Did Wyatt ride the 250 this weekend, though?
   Bryce Holyoak is in the Colorado Springs mission, not Ft. Collins. When does Matt leave? Tell me as soon as Caleb gets his call. I am so excited to hear where he is going!
   I got a kick out of when you said Riss is trying to get along with her frenemies. IDK why, but it just tickled by fancy. When I was going through the reunion pics, I showed the other 3 missionaries the pic of Rissa's B-day and the one she is pushing up her eyebrows and she looks like some kind of troll or gremlin. It was pretty funny!
    So are y'all going to northern Idaho for the 4th of July? If so y'all are LUCKY!
    So what are the plans for this summer? Anything else fun and exciting?
I love y'all!
Keep on keeping on!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Thanks again to the Logan's for the pictures!!

Have You asked Sister Bigelow how she feels about that, haha?!
Thanks for the Pictures though!
So you should get me sister cooks email address so i can email her so i can get shannons email as well!
It does sound like yall had a real busy week!
Have yall heard from elder Hancock? I tried emailing him last week but i didnt get anything back.
So I do plan on writing another letter tonight but first we have to run to chinle to do some grocery shopping then we have to run to round rock to put some people on date for baptism then i will write you!
How did Sister Cook get Elder Tucker stuff? He was a goof ball! Haha. He trained Elder Christensen Who trained Elder Kay. Haha!
Anyways! I will give you a run down on the week When i write the letter!
Love ya
Elder Cade

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