Monday, July 14, 2014

Sharing the Mission!

Letter from 7/9/14
Dear Family,
   It was good to hear y'all had a good time up in Northern Idaho! I am pretty jealous, though monsoon season is about to start here and I am pretty excited about that!
   Elder Cook hit his 1 year on 7/5 so that night he went to burn his was a little windy, but not bad but before we knew it, we were getting dumped on. It was like a microburst. It was pretty fun!
   This week was awesome! We set Iris and Haley Harvey on baptismal date (Gregory is already a member and their other daughter is 5). We also set Tash's date. Tomorrow we are going to set Johnny's, he thought he was baptized but we can't find his records. Probably because a couple of different things. One, he changed his name and doesn't remember how to spell the other one. And two, when his dad got baptized, he thought that looked like a good idea, so he just went in after his dad. And he doesn't think he was interviewed or anything. So he might not have records.
   Bobby is doing good. We saw him tonight. He hasn't been to church in 3 weeks, which is highly unusual if he misses one week. He will for sure be there next week, but anyways, he feels everything stacking up in his life and he almost can't wait for Sunday! His family is really warming up to us finally. They are all thugs! But they are nice to us!
   That reminds me, down here if you are trying to refer to your first cousin, he or she is your cousin brother or cousin sister! I find that is humorous. All your aunts and uncles are mom and dad, all nieces and nephews are daughter or son! I actually find a lot of the same tendencies in our Larson side. Where they love to get their extended family/friends together to cook out or just hang out. It's funny!
Well, Hágoónee’ (until next time, because bye is bad)
Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from 7/14:
That is so flipping sweet!!!!!!! I just told Caleb that I am gonna bug Pres. Batt till Caleb comes, to see if I can train him!!!! That got me so freaking excited!
So I told Riss to tell you to sit down when you read this because when we went to Gallup on Wed for zone conference, I went to JCP and tried stuff on to see what fits and I am freaking small now compared to what I left at!
Suit coat: I am now a 48L Compared to the 54L
Whte shirts:  17 1/2 necks vs. the 19s I have now. With 37-38 sleeves
pants: 42x35s vs. 44x33s
That is flippin sweet y'all saw another moose haha! Are y'all like moose whisperers or what? Haha!
So I had a freaky/ miracle like experience this week! The Harveys, who are getting baptized on the 26th, we were teaching them Friday night and one of their little girls handed me her little puppy that the whole family adores, but while I was holding this little puppy it died in my hands!!!! I didn't know what the freak to do. Like "Should I Tell them?" Then I got a crazy idea I always hear of people giving their animals blessings in the pioneer days so I did that... And now the puppy is alive and well but I am still like  "What the...?" No one noticed anything until I told Elder Cook on the way home. Haha!
That is awesome you talked yesterday!
Sister Logan is doing like 1 Million times better! I am so excited for that! They are actually in SLC today haha!
Well, I love ya!
Elder Cade

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