Wednesday, July 30, 2014

New Companion and Baptisms

Tha baptism was awesome! Kinda stressful but definitely worth it!!
Well Elder Cook and i both goy our transfer news on friday which is a day early from what we usually get it... and we got it from President Batt himself... because we both got new callings! Elder Cook is going to Page Az to be the Dl and I am staying here in Round Rock to train my first son!!!! We are both pretty dang nervous and excited! Dad shoot me some tips on training cuz it sounds like you did it a few times!
The baptism was awesome!
We haven't checked mail yet! But I will let you know when I do!
That is way awesome that grandpa is doing so well! I busted up laughing when I read that he was beating Rhett and Sam with his walker!
I haven't got Sam's present shipped off yet because it isn't done yet. Elder Cook got his dream catcher done though and it is sweet so i assume that the tomahawk is gonna be way cool!!
That is crazy bout Tyson's Homecoming! I can't believe he is home!
That is funny about Elder H! Is he still a ZL? How is he? He did email me back once, But not the second time that poofart!
Sister Bigelow is still writing me haha! All the elders here think it is so funny that you and Riss are trying to set us up!
Bobby is doing good he is sad to see Elder C leave!
Well I will Write yall a letter !
Love Ya
Elder Cade
Baptism Day for the Harveys!

Elder Cook

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