Monday, August 4, 2014

A Great Email

Dear Mama,
I got the package! It all fits great I will send you a pic!
The jacket is still kinda big in the belly but it looks good!
Thank You so much for sending me that!!
Those missionary quick notes are awesome but I promise to use them sparingly!
This week has been crazy! 
My Dr. appt. turned out ok!
I am starting to feel alot better!
When E. V and I finally got to get to work this week it was the first of the mont coupled by a weekend so everyone got their checks and headed into town so there was no one in Many Farms. It was a bummer of a first week but this week everyone should be great!
Training is fun but stressful!
E. Kay's new trainee has like turrets or something. A lot of people I knew were training too!
This is the biggest group since I came out and it had 17 Elders mine had 30+ Kinda crazy!
In this mission we call our trainees sons so i got a new son and brother this transfer! 
Pres Batt was having a hay day with me there. He made me stand up and tell about my relationship with Elder Sobczak and how I didnt like him at the time but how I now love him for what he had done for me. Then proceeded to make fun of Elder Kay and I for wrestling and putting that hole in the wall! Haha!
Sam's tomahawk will be done tomorrow! And I will send all my old stuff home too!
Thank you again! 
Love ya a ton!
Elder Cade
Elder Robinson, Elder Van Ry, President and Sister Batt

New Suit!

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  1. Elder Robinson you look absoutly happy!!! Can't believe this month marks a year.