Tuesday, August 19, 2014

HUMP Day!!!!


Thank you so much for that sweet package!!! That was so awesome I think the pictures were my favorite part! But we did enjoy the goodies too! Elder Manumaleuna hit a year the same day I did so we blew that candle out together and today we are going to burn my shirt. Maunu is cooking. Elder Hirschi is burning slacks and Elder Geilmann is burning his tie, since he never did and we will have a full outfit, haha! Dont worry, I have one of Elder Hirschi's old shirts I am burning!

I am so bummed Tyler didnt get his call!! I was so looking forward to that!!! 

That is so crazy Riss will be a freshman in college this year! Did she really register for that or is that later? Where is she going for that first semester?

That is terrible that that sister got burned! That sounds so bad!!! It hurts like the dickens when you get splashed with hot Frybreads oil but I can't even imagine what is like to get a burn like that!!! 

That is hilarious you are throwing the district a bday party!!

We had interviews with President this week and I asked him straight up if I could train Caleb and he wrote it down so we will see in a couple weeks! This transfer I think we will be on schedule with y'all up there because it is a 5 week transfer to get some things lined out. Are y'alls just 1 week ahead of ours?

Haha, I cant wait to meet Dotty too; she sounds pretty awesome!!

How did Aub do at driving? Is she as terrible as Riss? haha!!
Love ya!
Elder Cade

Random House

Snowflake, AZ Temple Day

Snowflake, AZ Temple Day

Heading to the temple

Beautiful storm clouds

HUMP Day!!
                                                Blowing out the candle!

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