Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Happy Anniversary!!
   So as for Thanksgiving, we do have a place to go. As for other meals, we get fed enough! So don't worry about it! Thank you for the money though! As for now, the one Christmas album will be good. I might ask for more later, though. Thank You!!! 
   That is awesome Tyler did so well on his farewell! Haha, I am gonna get Jeremy yet!! 
   Did Grandpa get his other knee done? 
   Why are grandma and grandpa having dinner at the church? 
   Prime rib sounds so good right now! I am pretty sure the last time I had prime rib was a year ago at Thanksgiving with the Balfours! 
   So we had a pretty eventful week. Or the last half of it anyways! 
   I came down with a cold. But I am almost all the way over it now. We were able to teach some awesome people. We are preparing an older man for baptism. He has had a hard life, but he is making a change for the better now. He is in a wheelchair, I imagine because of a stroke, and he is on dialysis 3 times a week! He didnt make it to church this week because of dialysis because of the holiday but he should be able to make it from here on out! 
   Thursday E. Sobczak and I tag teamed District meeting. That was cool! Then I had exchanges with Elder Collins, who was in my MTC district. That was a lot of fun! Friday, we switched back and had lunch in Gallup, and I saw Terry Yazzie from Many Farms. That was super cool! But when we got home, we were doing our weekly planning and our neighbor, Sister Benn came over and asked us if we could run her and her granddaughter to the hospital. I told her we weren't supposed to but, if she couldn't find anyone else, we would. So we went next door and asked 15 min later and they hadn't found anyone yet, so we loaded them up and headed down. Her granddaughter has ovarian cancer and was in a lot of pain, so she took way too many pain pills and was on the verge of overdosing, but we got there in time. When we got back my concience was killing me, so we called Pres. Batt and told him. Saturday we got a new truck, 2015 Nissan Frontier! That night, our branch president called us and told us he called Pres. Batt and that he needed us to come to a funeral type thing at 9:30 pm. so we did, but the body was late getting there so we didn't get home till about 1 am Sunday morning. It was weird! Yesterday we had a branch Thanksgiving Potluck! That was a ton of fun! It was a good week! Hopefully this one is better!
Love yall!
Elder Cade
P.S. for Christmas, If possible a nice pair of Nike BYU sweats would be nice it gets kinda chilly down here!
Elder Van Ry

Elder Geimann

Elder Hirschi

Zuni Valley

Snow Storm

Our new truck

The wood burning stove in our house.

Our house

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Log Wins

Hey Mom!
    Exchanges were good! Ramah is like 20 miles away from Zuni. It was really fun being able to go out with Elder Sobczak again. It was kinda weird but cool! He keeps saying how proud he is that I am his DL, but I think he is just happy he got released. He also makes it sound like he really enjoyed being DL. I thought this time we would be on a more even playing field with like teaching and stuff, but he is still leaps and bounds ahead of me. It is ridiculous! 
   It has been hanging out in the 20s here as well. Yesterday we got our first snow! But I am freezing out here coming from the AZ desert. 
    What did Bishop have to say? 
    That is stupid that they lied to Ryan! 
    That is a real bummer that the sprinklers are freezing up on dad! 
    Tyler seems super excited for his mission! It's good that he is getting ready to go here soon. 
   So for my Christmas list so far I have come up with: Brown dress shoes, A brown belt that I can put a Buckle on, some ties and a couple more long sleeved white shirts. How is that for a list?
Oh, and could you upload some Country Christmas music along with any other kind of Christmas music. We listened to Christmas music all day yesterday just because it snowed haha! Colton would be proud! 
   The box did make it the week before last. Sorry I didnt tell you, I forgot! 
   Our week was pretty good! Interviews were on Wednesday. Thursday was District meeting and exchanges. And Friday I hit 15 months. Saturday hauled wood but the guy's chainsaw didn't work so we did all the chopping with axes. I was pooped! And I got beat up by a couple of the logs! Sunday we visited a lot of people. Yeah that was our week in a nutshell! 
Sorry I didn't bring my camera. I will have to try to print one off and send it in the mail!
Love ya Mom!
Elder Cade

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Finally some communication!

Letter from 11/7/14:
Hey Mom,
  My week was good! The work was kind of slow, but it was good. I am already starting to love Zuni. It is awesome!
  I haven't got my box yet but the Elders in Many Farms forwarded it, but it hasn't quite got here yet. I am really hoping I get it tomorrow (Tuesday).
  Halloween was good. Like no one wanted to see us, but we had a lot of fun at our branch party! We didn't have a district party. One area is 1.5 hours away from us, so we only get together when we have to. And we have to get permission from Pres. Batt now anytime we want to have a district activity.
   All the pictures looked really good! Elder T and I got a kick out of the one where you guys cropped my face on to Chewbacca, haha! Halloween looked like a blast for y'all! I can't believe Averi is old enough to be baptized! That's just crazy!
   That's cool Bro. Oler is coming down. We will have to see what we can work out. Is he planning on seeing Caleb too? Because he is on the complete opposite side of the mission!
  I am going to really have to think about what I want for Christmas. I really don't know. So how are y'all gonna do Christmas now that we all know?
   I am pretty sure we are in the same time zone. And, yeah, we do daylight savings! It stinks because no one wants to see us after dark but it's dark by 6 o'clock! Dumb!
  I will be sure to send some pictures next week!
I love ya!
Elder Cade

Hey Mom!
   Sorry last week I didn't get an email to any of yall! I hope the letters were okay! 
    I do love it here in Zuni! It is a ton different from Round Rock and Cortez. It is super interesting! 
The Baptism interviews went really well! They both passed and got baptized just this last Saturday! It was for another set of missionaries, though. I can't interview people for my own, or there may be some biased opinions, as you might imagine. That is like the best part of being a DL is the baptismal interviews! They are so fun and spiritual. Those were my 4th and 5th interviews. 
    Did I tell you that I got to confirm one of the little girls I interviewed in Many Farms? That was awesome! That family was so prepared! The only thing that held the mom back from being baptized was getting married to a man who was already a member but he didn't want to! Sad deal!
   That is crazy that there have been so many new people move into the ward this last year. Is it even close to the same as when I left?
That is awesome that Brad came HTing! That was super cool that dad was able to relate that parable to him, too! That is a super good one!
I had written down some ideas for Christmas but I left them at the house. I will let you know next week. 
   Well, not too much happened this week! It was good but the work is still a little slow. We are really working on getting that picked up! We had exchanges with the ZLs last Thursday that was good. This week we have exchanges with the Ramah Elders, so I am going to go to Ramah on Thursday with Elder Sobczak.  We will see how that will go! Oh, and we have interviews with President Batt on Wednesday. I am pretty excited for that! 
   Well I hope you have a great week! 
   Thanks for reminding me how little time I have!!!! NOT!!!!
Love Ya!
Elder Cade