Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hotter than Hades!

Dear Family,
   What up? So I'm sending Rissa's camera back with my broken SD cards. There a few pics on there. See if you can get them off I guess. Thanks for the sweet packages! I thought that shirt was a flag haha! Elder Kay has my beard, though, so I'm kinda upset I can't match those up!
   So what's new and exciting this week? Dotty was a hot topic in the letters from everyone else! That was a butt-ton of letters I had to writ to reply to! My hand hurts!
   How is summer break going? Are y'all going to Coeur d'Alene this week? Can you believe it is July already? The weather down here is pretty convincing that it is! The Harveys told us that it was 120 degrees yesterday (Monday). Pretty warm!
  Have I told you about the Harvey's? They are getting ready to be baptized on the 26th. Greg, the dad/husband, is already a member so we are hoping he will be able to baptize his wife, Iris, and daughter Hailey. I'm stoked for them! They were so prepared!
   How are the sisters doing in our ward? How is the ward?
   Well, I'm about out of things to say. Keep on keeping on!
Love y'all!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from Monday 7/7/14:
   So the Baptism isn't until the 26th of July but we went over 2 times this week and we figure we have to visit them 7 more times before the 26th in order to have all the lessons taught! So we are kinda on crunch time! The baptism is for Iris And Haley Harvey! They fed us last night (Salmon and mutton stew(awesome combo Eh?)) Then we had a sweet lesson with them they are soo ready to be baptized and we just met them a few weeks ago!
   Then we have another baptism scheduled for August 2nd, That's for Tash Gardener who fell into our laps. She has been being taught by the mesa missionaries for like a year and is like super prepared to be baptized!
   Well it sounds like y'all had a butt load of fun! That is so sweet! The pics are awesome! But You got to stay away from those tipis!! Hahaha! 
   Huckleberry shakes and elephant ears sound so good right now! And Texas Roadhouse and Olive garden! Ahh!
   So Remember when I said on mothers day that I might need new shirts by my year mark... I do and pants and maybe a suit. Everything are drowning me now I am down like 30 or 40 pounds! But we can get into more specifics later. Idk if you want to send the stuff or for me just to go into town and buy it?
   That's so sad about Sis. Masoner! I was really hoping Just the other day that I would be able to go see her when I got home! That is 2 of my Shut-ins In 2 weeks! Who is Janet Brooks? 
   Well thanks for the awesome email!
Love ya !
Elder Cade

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