Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Navajo Burgers

Hey Mom,
That sounds like yall had an awesome weekend! I will definitely write those people back as soon as i get the letters! 
Thats a bummer yall got a flat tire but its a good thing it all worked out! 
I was so jealous yall got to go dirt biking we had a lesson with a lady on thursday and she was talking about her sons dirt bike and his bow and how much fun he has with both of those and internally i was like ' Baaa! Someones probably up saving our spot right now for the weekend!' But, I am glad yall had so much fun! 
So a couple fridays ago we had Elder Carlson of the second Quorum Of the 70 Come do a mission tour and we got to Hear from him from Like 900 to 500 and that was way cool but this last friday we had a Chinle Az Stake fireside where Pres. Batt was there along with Elders Teh And Gay From the first Quorum of the 70! And that was way sick! Elder Teh is awesome and hilarious. Other than that we had a pretty awesome week besides Bobby is being a little poophead! He really Rubs me the wrong way sometimes!
We had a sweet night of softball at The tellers house Who are these amazing Recent converts and after wards we had a "CookOut" And these are my new favorites they are called Navajo Burgers! It is basically 2 Hamburgers in a frybread! Soo Good! I will send you how to make fry bread too!
Any ways all is well here Love ya!
Elder Cade
P.s. My camera broke this week so idk what you want me to do bout that. Let me know!

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