Monday, June 9, 2014

New Investigator

Hey Mom.
This week has been crazy! We have done so much service! It has been nice to get out of the white shirts and ties though! The highlight of this week would be a new investigator finding us that has been being taught in mesa and is like super prepared to be baptized! Bobby had a hard week this week though, He wants nothing more than being baptized but his past holds him back. He may have gotten in a little trouble this week that will be a hinderance to him!
That is a real bummer that the work has slowed down that much for you guys and that you will have to start sharing a set again!
That is a real bummer that the Nuzios are having such a hard time! 
The  weather here has been pretty nice, it hangs in the mid 90s and peaks at about 100. Its gonna get warm!
That is awesome that Sams friend wants him to go to roaring springs. I want to go! 
Its great to hear yall are doing good! Things are going pretty great down here in the land of Lehi's seed too! I love it. I cant wait to show yall some of the things that really bring the Book of Mormon to life down here! 
Thank you a ton for the package last week It was Perfect!
Love Ya
Elder Cade

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