Monday, September 1, 2014

New Calling!

First thing this morning we get this email that leaves us all in suspense until this afternoon!

We are headed to football practice so we won't be able to email until this afternoon sometime. But that gives y'all some time to guess what my transfer news is! It is pretty crazy so think outside the box! I will tell you it this afternoon when we get on, but only if everyone takes a guess what it is! Otherwise I won't tell anyone!!!! Muhaha

So this afternoon, we finally got the news:
I am continuing to train Elder Van Ry in Round Rock along with being called as the district leader! I am poopin my pants! Oh....And we have a fireside with Jeffery R. Holland this Saturday where I will be able to see Caleb and everyone else!

This week has been pretty good and crazy! Well, you already know my news! 
Pretty Nutso-psycho! DL sounds like such a load of new responsibilities! I guess the Lord qualifies who He calls! I will just bank on that and "go and do" Haha!
That is rough that Sis Bigelow isn't doing so good! I hate having to take sick days! They make me feel so worthless!
That is crazy Katy is back already! It seems like she just left like right before all of us did! That's good to hear she is doing good though!
That is also rough that Grandma isn't doing the greatest! But it sounds like everything will work out! I did just email her so she will be getting that hopefully! I am going to write her out a letter too! That is freaking hilarious that grandpa threatens people with you haha!!
That was nice of you to take Hancock out for his B-day! How did they like TF sandwich co? Oh I've got to tell you! Remember how I took all y'all there before I left? Well, right before I left Cortez the Cooks took me out to a place that was so stinking similar it was kinda creepy but really funny! 
That is awesome Bernie is almost there! Good luck with the wedding coming up though haha! Tell them all Congrats from me! 
I will try my darndest to write y'all a letter this week! When I get yours.
Love y'all! 
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
Thanks again to the Logan's for taking pictures and posting them!


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