Monday, September 15, 2014

13 Month Mark!

I totally didn't realize that yesterday was my 13 month mark until one of the Elders brought it up yesterday! I also just realized that I will hit 14 months while here in Round Rock still! 14.5 months, 2 areas, 4 comps! Whoot whoot! 

I am freaking jealous that y'all are going to Gerties today! You are probably there right now! I could use a good case of the Gerts Squirts right now! Wow! This email has a lot to do with excretement's!

Congratulations on your work eval! That is freaking awesome!! Speaking of careers, I changed what I want to do again! But, USU will still be a great school for engineering! But I probably won't come home early for school. I ate my own words! I was talking to Elder Cook about it one day (thinking I was gonna be able to fly under the radar my whole mission) I said I will go home early for school unless I am in a leadership position. Well, now that I am in that  position I will eat them!

That is sweet y'all are going to phoenix in February! Haha! That is a weird senior trip, but that will be fun for y'all!

That is cool dad is saying the opening prayer in Stake Conference! Haha! 

How is Mike Cutler doing? 

That does suck that we lost to Wood River! They were always like last in regionals!

Enjoy y'alls Gerties! Lucky ducks! 

Love ya! 

Elder Cade

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