Monday, September 8, 2014

Jeffrey R. Holland

Letter from Tuesday:
Dear Family,
   This past week has been really good. We have had some really awesome lessons! 
   Elder Van Ry is doing pretty good! He is caught in an awkward stage where he wants to teach everyone everything, but he has a hard time teaching some people some things.
   Bobby, our gangster investigator, is doing awesome! He has been doing a really good job at trying to keep the Word of Wisdom. He relapsed this last week, but he saw immediate lack of blessings from it so he will do better this time! He loves church and I love seeing him there! His past life is pretty obvious but it is even more obvious that he is changing. Remind me to tell you what his tattoo says some day!
   We have been walking our buns off lately trying to contact a lot of potential investigators Elder Cook and I found, but never got back around to contacting. It has been pretty successful.
   I love the Navajo People! They are so fun, loving and loveable! I am seriously looking forward to the day that the Lamanites "blossom as a rose!"
  I love y'all!
Elder Cade

Email from today:
This week was pretty sweet! The Fireside was amazing! Elder Holland is freaking amazing we didnt get to meet him personally, but just being in the same room as him was pretty sweet! He spoke mostly about personal conversion! That has been the big push lately! Because it tends to be that you have converted missionaries you tend to convert more people! He is way more animated and less serious than he is in conference! But still extremely intense where you felt like he was screaming right at you! I did see Caleb and at first I couldn't believe who his trainer was! He came walking in with Elder Cook! I was a little disappointed that E. Cook gets to train him but that is freaking awesome! So he is over serving in the Rez half of Page! So that was pretty cool! When he saw me yelled ''Cade!'' then he corrected himself and was like ''I mean  Elder!'' It was hilarious! He did give me a hug! Haha! Then the giant Sasquatch named Elder Kay walked in and plopped down right next to me! That was awesome we have way too much fun together! We were cracking jokes the whole time! Kay is an old man now he is getting ready to hit 18 months here in a few weeks! Its crazy how it flies by! He had to make fun of me for being DL even though he's still one! But now all of may previous companions are currently training and district leading! Haha! 
That is nutso psycho that you did all  the flowers! So are y'all thinking about making that a business? That would be pretty sweet! HAha!
Thanks for the pics they are awesome except the middle one haha!
''Have to give Sister Bigelow a chance''? You didn't think I was or what? Haha! You should tell her I'm a DL now then see what she thinks of me haha!
That is a bummer that gma is not doing as well as gpa! But that is awesome that yall have an Isom Reunion coming up! Tell everyone I say hi!
I am so jealous all the kids get to go to General Conference! I am excited to watch it though! What is the rule for like Colton and I going when I get back? Or would we have to go separate? You should ask for me!
I did get the micro t! Tell him sorry. I thought I told him! 
That is sweet that Ry and Shell are getting a new puppy though! That will be fun for them!
Well, talk to ya next week! 
Love ya!
Elder Cade 

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