Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Hey Mom!
 First thing is first. Sorry I have been a slacker at writing lately. I have been kinda overloaded the last few weeks! Trainer, DL, Bishop moving, try to get an activity in on P-day, then work my butt off the rest of the week!
 Conference was really good! I took a ton of notes! I'm gonna need a new notebook by the time Tuesday is over with! I don't really know what talk was my favorite. Maybe Elder Bednar's at the very end! We just ate a ton for new conference traditions, haha!
 I have been here for a long time, haha! We were talking about that at the Logan's! They didn't realize till like half way through that I was there last time too.
 We don't know who the new Bishop is yet. There hasn't been one called to our knowledge!
 That is nice y'all had the Sisters over for conference!
 Is Dotty always in trouble, haha? How does she get in and out? She doesn't fit through Oreo's door does she?
 I will get those pics! When do you need them by?
 Cinnamon rolls sound amazing, haha! That sounds like an awful good tradition to me!
 I am thinking BYU might be it! I will need you to work on my application for me, please! When you have done all you can on there let me know and I can get President Batt's permission to fill out the rest, and then he will write out my Ecclesiastical leader recommendation for me. Hopefully he can make that look really good! And then I will need dad to really work on my highlight video so I can send that in, too.
 So exciting news as of Tuesday[tomorrow] (zone conference). We will know when we get our i Pads [before end of the year for sure], and we will watch Meet the Mormons. I am pretty dang excited!
 Whats up with either of my sisters not emailing?
 Well, whats new up north?
Love ya Mama!
 Elder Cade Joseph Robinson!
P.s. I am also seriously thinking about extending for 30 days! Just to let you know!

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