Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sick week

  This week has been Ok. The work was a little slow, but that is because Elder Manu and I were both kinda sick. I am still on and off fevers. And yes, I am taking something for it, so don't worry! 
  The tornado that I heard about was like 2.5 hours away from where we are. 
  That is awesome that Sam wants to get in shape! I will have to go running with him or something when I get home, so we both can stay in shape.
  I am so jealous that dad and Sammit got to go riding! There is a YZF 450 that rides by the church here like once a day and every time I see it I just want to ride so bad!
  That is awesome that Sam got 2 awards in school! Is he going to middle school next year!?!
  I haven't really had the time to fill out the essays yet. I Will try to do that soon, though.
That is super cool that you finished paying for my mish! 
MOM, YOU SHOULD REALLY SEND THAT UKULELE! I could learn so much with Elder M! It would be awesome!
Love ya!
Elder Cade
P.s. I still really think someone should come pick me up! It will save a ton of hassle on shipping things home so my luggage fits! And it will be quicker! And I think I have had revelation that that is what is supposed to happen, I had a dream about it twice the latest one being last night! Haha JK! But seriously!

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