Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Super Short and Getting Trunky

  This will be super short, sorry! 
  We did go to Gallup on Monday and then we went on exchanges that night and Elder Cook and I got to be companions again for about 24 hours! We had a great time reminiscing on the good ol' Many Farms/ Round Rock days! Yesterday, we were just so busy that we couldn't fit emailing in, so here we are tonight. 
  This and last week have been awesome! We have been gaining some major trust from members and investigators by helping with their gardens! It has been a ton of fun and very productive! 
   To answer your question, I bought those shoes in Cortez for $2. And they have been great Rez shoes! Those shoes and I have been through alot together! Well, again, I am sorry it is so short!
Love ya!
Have a great week!
Elder Cade

We also got Elder R's flight itinerary yesterday. He is set to fly into Twin Falls at 10:47 PM on August 12th. Up until this point, he was set to fly home, but knowing that he is going to get into TF so late, he is changing his tune and wants us to go pick him up to get home a few hours earlier! Ah, to think that your parents can drop everything on a dime....Anyways, a few emails between us later tonight, he just admits that he is getting anxious to get home! So are we! So are we.

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