Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Surprise Visitors!

Hey Mom!
  So I will try to spell his name phonetically: Maunu/maulay/una. Does that help?
  So we think that the snake was a blow snake. It creeped me out pretty good too! The thing tried killing me!
  That is crazy y'all are getting so much rain! We are getting quite a bit, too. Yesterday, Gallup got so much that it killed the power in a good part of the city so we weren't able to get our oil changed. So we are gonna have to go in next week too. Its gonna be crazy!
  Dang 2 more years with the burb, huh? What are ya gonna get after that? The Grush's have a new Traverse. Those things are nice! That would suit you well, I think.
  That is crazy all the end of schoolyear things are wrapping up! Do you feel old having 2 kids graduated and one almost done with a mission!? Haha!
  That is real crazy having all those homecomings coming up soon! Sister Logan said she wanted to come up to mine! We will see. I would love to see them all again! That would be awesome! Speaking of which, we had a super awesome visit yesterday with them! They are so awesome! They remembered Elder Manu, too, so we all had a great visit and while we were visiting, the Tellers drove by so, they flipped around and we all had a great ward reunion right there at the Pinon Junction!
  Well, not much else exciting happened this week.
Love ya!
Elder Cade
Cade and Kaden
Elder M, Bro Logan, Elder R

Logans with Elder R

Elder R and Mama Logan

Elders M and R

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