Monday, May 18, 2015

Snake Encounter

The people we are teaching are Awesome! They all are doing really well!
That is awesome that Jerry has such great ward support! I wish we had more member support down here! But we deal with what we get I guess! 
Colty told me bout Ry's new Duramax. That is really cool!
Bishop Tureman huh? That is cool! He will be good for y'all! 
Smoked meat sounds so good right now! Just meat in general is a treat! Haha!
We are still setting up Gardens We have quite a few to do on Wednesday. 
When you only have one suit and the dry cleaner is 3 hours away in any direction it just doesn't get done! It is gross but that is life on the Rez, haha! 
That snake that I sent y'all a picture of tried biting my leg off, I almost stepped on him! But a large rock took care of the problem, haha! 
Elder Mabry is getting transferred tonight to Toadlena. I am getting Elder Manumaleuna! He served in Lukachukai while I was in Round Rock so I already know him pretty well. He super cool! I am really excited!
Well thats about all I have for ya this week! 
Love ya!
Elder Cade
Virgie's baptism last Saturday

Snake encounter

Post snake encounter

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