Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First Baptism!!

Letter dated 10/29/13:
Dear Family,
     Shannon Pixler is on date to be baptized on Saturday. The 2 kids weren't quite ready. But I believe strongly that someday they will be! Shannon's husband Eugene will be baptizing her but I don't know who will be confirming her. Eugene just did receive the Aaronic Priesthood. They both seem so ready to get this done. It is awesome!
    The entire ward is so stoked to have a convert baptism! The last one they had was in March and she's kind of a dud. She is living with her boyfriend with her 4 kids. Oh and she is only 22. The whole time I've been here she has only come to church once. And she is always asking everyone for money. She even called us up for money.
    Speaking of baptisms, who is Calvin? My buddy Calvin got baptized like a week before I left the first time. I am confused as to who this Calvin is.
    Can you believe I have been out for almost 3 months now? It is crazy how fast is has gone already! But looking back the gravity of the whole thing makes me think that I have been out way longer!
    It sounds like Colton is doing pretty good. But I still haven't heard from anyone else! HaHa! How is everybody?! It is kind of weird that neither of us have gotten those letters yet from Jen. It makes me wonder where they are.
    Well, keep in touch! Let me know what is going on there!
Love y'all!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Elder Duck Dynasty!!

                                               Elder Taylor from Missouri

At the Pixler's teaching a lesson and reviewing baptism.
                                                                  Suit arrived today!

The baptism was amazing!! Elder Sobczak Confirmed her yesterday! She said she didnt get why everyone was so happy around her afterwards and that everyone said she had a glow about her. we told her it was true and that that was the gift of the Holy Ghost. It was so Awesome!!!! Garry is back on date to be baptized 12/21 so we are pretty excited about that we havent even seen cheyenne in like 2 months. Hopefully the influence the rest of the family has on her will make a difference!
I did get my suit today i am actually wearing it right now!
All is good here!
Love You!!!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

                                   Elder Sobczak, Shannon and Eugene Pixler, Elder Robinson
Sleeping Ute Mountain
Now the best and most hilarious email! Darren wrote Cade telling him of his new church calling as High Councilor and being ordained as a High Priest. This is his response:
That is so cool Dad!!! I read your letter you sent me Right after the baptism on saturday! ( i was actually on the pot) When i Screamed "No way"!!!!! I was then asked if i was a brownie at that point. Which in context means you are a greenie untill you poop your pants once. i said no then explained everyone thought that was so cool! Love you dad, Keep up the good work!!!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

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