Monday, September 30, 2013

Super Happy

We actually have 2 letters to post this week. We got an email today and also a letter today that was wrote last week and just got to us. Enjoy!

The weather has dried up quite a bit this week. We aren't really teaching anyone new, I sent a letter telling you more about our investigators. We did go to the temple this morning. It was awesome! I talked with President and Sister Batt for quite a while, along with Elder Bowman. This past week I went on exchanges with our DL Elder Rich and he is so awesome. Him and I get along way better than Elder Sobczak and I but its ok. I am starting to chisel away at him soon enough we will be having loads of fun!
Love you guys!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Here is the letter that we received today:

Dear Fam,
     Since I was cut short on email time, I thought I would write you.
     It has been really weird down here weather-wise. There is a thunderstorm like once a day. And the rain is awesome! But it could be a completely clear day then about 3 o'clock rolls around and it starts again.
     I don't know if I've told you about the other Elders that we live with. Their names are Elder Rich and Elder Taylor. Elder Rich is really cool. He reminds me a lot of Jaxon. He is from Liberty, UT. he is the district leader and one of a few Spanish speaking Elders in this mission. Elder Taylor is from Missouri, but he has like no accent. he has been out for 8 months and Rich has been out 18.
     Elder Sobchak has been out 8 months. I am his 4th companion and his 2nd trainee. He has served here for 2 months and the rest of his time he has served in Blanding, UT. He speaks highly of Blanding and hopes I will serve there some time as well.
     As far as investigators go, you know quite a bit about the Pixlers. They are awesome, though the Adversary is working on them pretty hard right now. But they are holding strong. I told you about Tyler Willbanks today (who seems so golden I literally thought he was a member messing with us!). But I haven't told you about Steve Jenkins. Steve basically found us. We put on a little sacrament service at a nursing home, and as we were going to get people to come, Steve stopped us and said "You're Mormons, ain't ya?" We said yes and continued to talk to him and eventually convinced him to let us come visit him on the following Thursday. That Thursday we taught him the first lesson. And we could definitely feel the Spirit. He told us he liked what he heard and to come back, so we did on Sunday (yesterday) where we taught him the second lesson. he then opened up to us saying he was a Pentecostal minister, but he no longer believed that religion. So on Thursday, we are going to visit him again. Steve is early to mid 60's I'd say and he is completely mobile and fully functioning. he just checked himself in because he has a bad heart. But, lately he is doing fine.
    I just finished writing Becca back. But other than Becca I've only heard from Brittney Harman and Sariah Hunt. That's cool about Sariah's mission call! Bernie's uncle is actually the mission President over there! Which is really funny because he was just waiting for someone from Twin to get called over there!
    Tell Craig that Wyatt, Colton, Ryan, Grandpa, him and I could have filled all our tags within one herd of deer I saw on Tuesday and Saturday. And all of them were 4x4 or bigger! The deer are monsters down here and they are everywhere!
     Anyways, love y'all. Let me know what is going on up there!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

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