Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cold Weather Tracting

Letter from 12/13
   Did you get my letter from last week? Did it come after the box? Sorry that it was late and sorry it was short! So as for Skyping, I explained this to Ris already that we aren't really supposed to ask. We can if a member offers it to us. You are more than welcome to ask Sister Cook, but I don't know if they will be in town or not. But, no one has signed up for dinner for Christmas or Christmas Eve. That's OK, though. I am excited to talk to you guys!
   It sounds like y'all have been tugging along just great! Which has been a big comfort to me. I don't know if Bishop has told you but right before I left for the second time, I went and met with him and told him I didn't know if I or anyone else was ready for me to leave. So we prayed together and fasted to know. Well, the very next day I had my answer as we can all tell. Sorry for the water stain, I was writing this on the pot and had a little accident. So I am going to put this in the box with Aub's presents so I hope you know to open it. I hope she likes what I got her. I thought they were pretty cool. Who had me for this year? Oh and I was kidding about the water stain by the way!
   The tree is working great! We have a little Christmas corner in our room. It is pretty fun!
   So as for teaching last week, it was about the same as the week before. But, we have decided to find 20 new investigators by the end of the month. That is a pretty big goal, but I am 99.9999999999999999995% sure we can do it, except tracting is starting to suck! We woke up this morning and there is an inch of ice bordering all our windows in the apartment. Yesterday when I was emailing is was 12 degrees outside. That'll chill ya to the bone pretty quick tracting. So we will see what other ways we can use to find people. Well, I'm flat out of things to write about.
Love y'all!!!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Eating Sunday dinner at the Cook's.
Email from 12/16:
Sister cook let us know about the smiths we will try to get ahold of them soon! We had like the exact same ward party on friday down to even the same chicken salad pitas! It was a perty good party! I am excited to get your  letter! I will write back as soon as possible!
I love Ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

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