Monday, December 30, 2013

It was a Merry Christmas!

I couldn't post Elder Robinson's email last week as there was a tiny surprise in it for the rest of the family, so it had to wait! Let's start with the letter dated 12/16:

Dear Family,
    Last week was alright. The numbers were about the same as the week before but it felt like a way more progressive week. It sounds like y'all had a fun week! I do love the Christmas Season! Everyone just seems so happy doing it! Speaking of happy, a dog named Happy got a little too happy with me tonight. It made me kinda mad! The rest of that lesson went alright though! I am glad to hear Aub is excited for those presents. I thought they were way cool! Those pictures that you sent of your "Night in Bethlehem" Sam looks huge in those. How big is that little punk? There really isn't a place to get a head dress here. I'm not really sure if Navajo actually wear head dresses. I'm not so sure. I'll let y'all know if/when I serve closer to the Native people.
   How is Grandma Carli doing? She went into a-fib right? That stinks! Didn't Grandma Darlene do the same thing a couple years ago?
   You might want to sanitize your hands after reading this. I have a stinking bad head cold right now. It really sucks!!! I really wish I had some Nyquil last night but I survived!
   Well, it's Tuesday morning now and I have to go get ready for a funeral. One of our investigator's mother-in-law passed away last Tuesday and the funeral is today.
   Love y'all!!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from 12/23:
I am soo excited too but we still need to set up a time with the smiths! We get a 5 minute phone call to set up a time tomorrow but dont tell anyone else! i am going to call sam. It will probably be around 9 tomorrow night. I did get my Christmas package like a month ago. That is crazy all of tyler sam and jeff came home? it seems like they left like a few months before i did! That is also way weird how they flopped Paul and Brian around. Wasnt paul my 11 y/o scout leader? Idk if i will facetime or skype yet but i will let yall know tomorrow! I have a request though Could you check my balance on my card again and let me know how much is on it? I need to go buy some b-ball shoes soon. I keep rolling my ankles. I can pick up a pair for like 80 -90 bucks down here.
anyways all is well down here!
Love y'all
 Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Skyping on Christmas was the best!! Mama cried and we all laughed and joked a lot! Here is a picture of him on Skype:
Mother's Day is coming!

 Email from today:
I am not getting transferred! And i will tell you like i have told everyone else that means i will spend at least 1/4 of my mission in cortez! I couldnt call you because of a new rule change that if a member could call for us thats what we should do. I was really disappointed as well! There was a homecoming in our ward as well he served in cali somewhere spanish. he is way cool though he was a zoneleader on his mission so he is way into it the night he came home he went out with us it was pretty funny. That is awesome that grandpa is flipping cars! i would love to do that! So whats up with garland? How was sister Buckhoff? does she know she is my future wife? What did Prez. Hansen have to say?
Love ya
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

I texted Sister Cook tonight to let her know that Elders Robinson and Kay were staying in Cortez and they just happened to be at her house! Here is the picture she sent tonight:

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