Saturday, August 17, 2013

First letter!

Well today is my first p-day but so far this week has been great! the classes are so spiritual! the food is great and im hardly home sick at all! my district is so awesome! we all get along great! my companions name is elder nelson he is from the tri-cities area in washington, hes pretty cool and he was called as the district leader. but im his senior companion how weird is that!? oh i guess i better tell you we are not actually in the actual mtc, we are on the west campus which is basically 2 entire apartment complexes because the mtc is so full right now. one complex is residential and the other complex we use for classes and stuff. so us and another companionship share an entire apartment it great! the other companionship is elder hayes and elder lowe. they are both so cool too! the rest of our district includes elder ruge/elder collins and elder lewis/elder peterson who are the zone leaders! i get along super great with elder lewis and elder ruge. any ways our zone consists of that district and another... which youll never guess whos in it... its the colorado springs district so bryse holyoak is in my zone its pretty funny. yesterday at gym time i said hi to him but i accidetally used his first name but i quickly corrected myself but he kinda yelled back in a joking way never call me that again. but later that night at dinner he said that his district leader thought there was contention between us and all he could do is laugh at the dl! haha. anyways i have to go snag my laundry and go get dressed real quick i have an interview with the branch president in a minute. Love y'all!

Elder Robinson

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