Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Elder Robinson!

Elder Robinson turned 19 last Tuesday! Sister Cook made him a couple of his favorite treats on his birthday and then the Cooks had the Elders over for dinner on Thursday. How lucky we (and he) are to have such a wonderful ward take care of him!

Email from today:
I am both nervous and excited for transfer news! I am so at home in this ward its not even funny! Brother Riffey stood up in priesthood yesterday and gave Elder Kay and i certificates it is awesome i will send it home today in my letter! Almost everyone i wanted to hear bare their testimony did yesterday! it was awesome! The people in this ward are hilarious! And super friendly Sister cooks nephew DJ vreekan reminds me so much of sam it is hilarious! That is a bummer bout the Nuzios the Bridal shower and Craigy! But everything will turn out ok!!  I know this is short but i will write you a letter today! Love ya !
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

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