Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Missionary

I totally forgot to post the letter and email from last week! So....for your viewing pleasure, enjoy!

 Letter dated 1/13/14:

   I am definitely going to write Sam. Thank you for that money! Let me know how the discussion with the Nuzio's goes! How is Elder Black doing? Why are you feeding the Elders glamorously anyways? Almost anything to them (us) is glamorous!
   Knowing Grandpa he will find something to keep him busy all week long. Why you and him believe otherwise is a mystery to me!
   Elder Kay and I both think Colton needs to come on a mission. More specifically this mission. I think it is totally the one for him!
   That is crazy about Mark's mission! And that is awesome that you talk to all those missionaries! I haven't even emailed Brayden yet!
   I honestly have no idea what I want for my B-day. I didn't get Aub anything today so unless we can sneak over at lunch or something, it might be a late present. but, yeah, all my clothes are doing good. Thank you!
Love ya,
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Email from 1/20/14:
The work is picking up here and that is just tickling my fancy. After all the diligence and hard work we put into this area it is finally starting to pick up! It sounds like aub had a good bday! I havent bought her anything yet i will probably go do that right after this but i wont get to send it till tomorrow. We are late emailing today because we helped some people start unloading some storage units it was all good but  we scrapping anything metal and i looked in a box full of wires making sure there wasnt anything other than metal and there was... but it so happened to be that non metal substance was some naughty videos ... haha. That cold is rolling around down here too, one of the elders we live with caught it and it has knocked him just about flat for the last 3 days. Our church does require alot compared to others it makes me chuckle about President Uchtdorf's talk from conference about that. Youll have to send me a picture of Elder Black he sounds like an awesome missionary! Welll that email is kinda scatter brained. Sorry!
Love ya
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
And, last but not least, email from 1/27/14:
Well, I am glad you celebrated without me haha! I honestly can not believe it is week 20 That is crazy! I feel like i just barely came out! Time is flying!
If Sam stays home who watches him and what does he do all day?
You did answer your own concern there Everyone does love me I dont see why that even crossed your mind! haha.
That is awesome about the Nuzios! We had one guy set on date to be baptized like the 22 of  Feb. but He and his gf wont get married till september Because when they do all of the gf's daughter's grants and scholarships get messed with! The Baptism was in 2nd ward. We were supposed to have an investigator there but he bailed! I havent seen garry in months Eugene is home but he decided not to even mess with garry. The awesomest thing that happened this week is that we got a Less active to commit to church next week who hasnt gone for years!
We do email from the library and it was opened last week which was miraculous!
Any ways  Love ya!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

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