Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Finally a Letter!

We finally received a letter, the first since before Christmas. Whew!

    My New Years was rather uneventful. To celebrate, we went to dinner at the Smith's then for dessert they whipped out a chocolate fountain! But we had to be home by 8:30, so we went to bed early! The next day we ate at the Cook's then we were able to teach the Restoration to one of Kelli's friends, hence the pictures!
    I remember last New Year's party like it was yesterday! Crazy! How were the bacon tater bites? I miss those!
    Garry Pixler says he wants to be baptized but him and Shannon (his stepmom) don't get along too well. So when Eugene leaves for Alaska Garry goes to live with his Grandma. Shannon is struggling a little and Eugene can't attend Church while he is in Alaska. Hopefully we are going to see them all (together) in over a transfer, tomorrow.
    It sounds like your missionaries are doing great! I just told Elder K. about Elder Black and he said there are a couples Elders like that here or that were here. I met one and he seemed to do great!
   Kind of off the subject but a long the same lines, have you ran into Kurt lately? If so, how is he doing?
   Well, I just realized how I just rant out of ideas to write about. Even with that little card you sent. Haha! So, I a just going to write dad's letter on here. And Aub's.
I love you!

Here is a picture of the boy's new haircuts!
 Email from yesterday:
This last week was super good it seems like compared to previous weeks! We had a few really good discussions! and we are getting closer and closer to our goals each week!
You are just a Jackie Jr. lately mom. I get the impression that you are boobing once a day just like her! But that is awesome that Riss did a good job on her Talk!
We had dinner at the Cooks last night. They are so awesome! I did my haircut my self so thanks for that!
Well i cant wait to hear from you later this week!
Love ya
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

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