Monday, January 26, 2015

Happy 20th Birthday!

Thank you for the Birthday wishes! Our Branch President and his wife are gonna take us out to the one resturant in Zuni on Wednesday so that will be good!
That is sad that Pres. Hansen is getting released.
That is super cool about your co worker going to the temple, though! 
That is good to hear about the Hope's babies, but that is terrible about Brother Spaulding!
That is cool that that Elder is from Bluewater! That is in our zone! The Elders serving there are super cool! 
That would be cool for Riss and Chels to get an appt. together. That would be good for the 2 of them to move away from home and do a little growing up.
I hope Aub gets that job! That would be good for her too!
Our week was kinda slow, but we have high hopes for this week! 
The pics are our Axes, us holding our axes, and a picture I drew of Elder Loveless and his future Wifey in front of the temple! Haha! He didn't like that so much haha!
Anyways, love ya!
Thank you!
Elder Cade


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