Monday, April 21, 2014

Canyon de Chelley

Well We did just get back from a hike called canyon de chelly. and yes the red AZ dirt does get everywhere! And it is pretty hot already it was 80 today and we have already hit 100
I just got your guys' package a few minutes ago. Thank you so much! I needed a little candy kick! haha
That is super awesome you invited that friend of yours to church! 
We had a pretty good service yesterday as well... except I had to speak again! Lame sauce!
The Because of him video is so awesome the other 3 and i have watched like 5 times.
I did get the Hawkins Christmas package and i did send them a thankyou card but i guess that mustve got lost in the mail.
Well just as i expected i love it down here the Natives are hilarious... sometimes stupid and bullheaded but funny!
Love ya mom!
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

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