Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New Area

Email dated 4/7/14:

Conference was way awesome! It seems especially awesome while you are out on a mission! Those are sweet quotes!! We watched all but priesthood in different homes. 2 of which we watched at our Bishop's house. They are way sweet! I am not quite sure which was my favorite I liked them all! It sounds like yall had a pretty busy weekend! Thats a real bummer that Riss didn't have fun at prom! Those were like my favorite most expensive weekends ever! I planned on heading to a trading post in the other elders area for Riss' B-day thing today! I do plan on writing letters today so repentance call accepted. It is crazy down here, Some good and some bad. but I love it to death!
Well sorry its another short one
Love ya !
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson
Just a quick update on Elder Robinson's address. I mailed a package last week and apparently we got the wrong zip in our information. His correct address is:
Elder Cade Robinson
PO Box 695
Many Farms, AZ 86538

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