Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Email from 3/31:

Well I like it quite a bit here we actually live in Many Farms with the other set of elders in a trailer on the next to the church. The Area looks like the desert! It is pretty crazy out here so far I have only gone through a couple sandstorms! Haha! I know what You mean when you said that sand gets everywhere! The people here are sweet! We even had a Baptism On saturday!! A lot of people live in little shacks called Hogans. There is a dog who resides on the church grounds, along with us and a senior couple, Named Churchy. He is known for being the Fattest Most pampered dog on the rez! I will send a pic. Haha. Mike has not emailed me yet, but tell him i am anxiously waiting for the day i get to communicate with him. Well hopefully i get the letters you sent today so i can write you back more.
Love Ya 
Elder Cade Joseph Robinson

Churchy the church dog

Many Farms, AZ

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